The Blog travel to Mae Hong Son

Sang Tong Huts

Where nature blends with comfort

Nestled on a hillside on the outer edge of Mae Hong Son township, Sang Tong Huts is the place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings and the unique charm of this well-established guesthouse.

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6 Days Adventure Trekking To Pai

Operated by Chan Nature Walks

Advanced trekking from Mae Hong Son to Pai 6 days, there are only a small number of tourists who make it through this difficulty level each year. Although some groups have to cancel halfway. You don’t necessarily have to be very physically fit, just often exercise when you have free time. I’ve been through this trip and am ready to take you.

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Baan Phuthadol

A cheerful mood-tone bungalow on a hillside

Another accommodation for nature lovers. The atmosphere is warm, quiet, spacious, and surrounded by green nature. The air is fresh and airy.

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Kai Mook Restaurant

Amazing local food

Kai Mook Restaurant is a charming little place with good food, especially the fish from the Pai River. It helped you out a lot late in the evening with a wonderful dinner.

Positioned just a few steps away from the corner of Khunlumprapas Road and in a quiet. Nice big space to hang out and a convenient location. Parking can be on the roadside in the alley.

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Pong Duet Geyser

Showers with mineral water

Pong Duet Geyser is on Route 1095, one of the attractions we can visit when we drive along this route by private car. But it would have been quite impossible without public transport, for sure.

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Baan Rak Thai

Mae Aw

Baan Rak Thai is a Yunnan-Chinese village the location on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. They come from Yunnan state south of China and were military KMT troops.

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Join Trekking Together

JOIN NOW > The next trip is coming up.

Come to join the trek. A small group of 4-6 people is the perfect number for the activity. In terms of various management, reasonable prices, and service. If you prefer not to trek with a private group, please come to join us in trekking.

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