3 Trekking Routes Doi San Fah

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

“Eye in the sky”

Doi San Fah is a steep mountain range at 920–1,290 meters above sea level. It’s east of Mae Hong Son, which is where we started our trekking through the Doi San Fah viewpoint.

This is the best viewpoint overlooking a panoramic view of Mae Hong Son city. It is also a favorite spot of Thai people, both to view the sea of mists in the early morning and a stunning sunset.

trekking doi san fah viewpoint
The landscape mountains of Burma may be seen towards the western end of the horizon.

Thai meaning

  • Doi = tophill
  • San = ridge or saddle
  • Fah = blue sky

This means the high mountain range is a visible horizon and the ridge lies to the east of the city. The best viewpoint is about 45 minutes away by car (4WD) on the steepest road. For that reason, we can create a trekking route from this starting point at 3 distances.

morning misty while trekking doi san fah
The mists that envelope the valley during the three seasons.

Trekking 1 Day Doi San Fah

It’s a program that I’ve resurveyed and seriously revised the information on the original trekkingthailand.com, which was popular from 2016 to 2019. Later, I returned to the website because it is one of the best sellers for 1-day trekking tours.


Enjoy trekking along the ridge “Doi San Fah” by its local name or meaning “A visible horizon”. The beautiful mountain range views and natural surroundings.

This program is designed for tourists who want to enjoy walking through the beautiful nature and 6-7 hours of walking, the route mostly walking down. Picnic lunch or join jungle cooking on the way.


Elevation:ASL 920-1,290 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 6 – 7 hours

  • San Fah’s viewpoint
  • Seasonal flora and fauna
  • Walk on the ridge

A sample itinerary

We will pick you up from your hotel. A car takes us out of town and into the forest, uphill along a winding dirt road that is very steep in sections and takes a short drive of 30 kilometers from town.

At 920 meters above sea level, stop at the “San Fah” viewpoint. Standing on a high ridge and looking down into the valley, you are struck by the beauty of nature in this area. We take a deep breath of pure mountain air as the morning mists slowly rise.

Begin our hike on foot by ascending a steep hill, trekking up to 1,290 meters above sea level in about an hour, then strolling through the highland evergreen forest and trees nearby.

It takes 3–4 hours to walk up the mountain ridge and slope. A spectacularly distinct vision of the mountain landscape will be revealed. We stop for lunch on the way and do some jungle cooking.

Climbing up the hills via the tall trees, and then walking down for 3–4 hours, passing through watershed woods and seeing a variety of forest types, including hill evergreens, pine, palm, and bamboo forests.

Late in the afternoon, we exited the woods and arrived at a terraced rice field in a lowland valley. You’ll finish the trek around 4:30-5:00 pm and be driven back to Mae Hong Son.

Pricing for 1 day

Number of groupTHB / Person
2 pax2,200
3 pax1,800
4 pax1,600
Up 51,400
Our 2 clients were on a trek through Doi San Fah.

Doi San Fah to Hua Nam 2 Days Trekking

A popular trekking trail in Mae Hong Son. Get the memorial by the jungle that you have been. Once a time to trekking and homestay with the Karen villagers for 1 night in the beautiful valley.


Visit the San Fah viewpoint and then trek along the ridge. After jungle lunch, we walk down to Ban Hua Nam village to stay overnight and homestay with Karen’s family.

The next day, enjoy trekking along the creek many times to cross it. Swimming and cooking for a picnic lunch in the jungle.


Activities:Trekking and homestay
Elevation:ASL 920-1,290 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 6 hours

  • San Fah’s viewpoint
  • Seasonal flora and fauna
  • Non-touristic areas
  • Adventure across the creek
  • Swimming in a natural jacuzzi

For example, a 2-day itinerary

This program combines elements from the “Trek 1 Day San Fah” route. We will start the program and repeat it in the morning.

In brief, we will pick you up from your hotel. We travel by car, and it is only approximately 30 kilometers from the town. Stop at the “San Fah” viewpoint and begin walking to the ridge, which will take about an hour.

We stop for lunch and do some jungle cooking along the route, then set off in the afternoon to trek down the hill through the lush forest and creek to the rice fields and villages.

Arrive at the village of Baan Hua Nam, where we stay overnight and homestay with the Karen family. In your free time, go for a walk, take a photo, and learn about their culture while doing so.

Our staff and your host family are preparing a delicious dinner for you. So, you can help us with cooking or take photos. Enjoy dinner in candlelight together.

Part 1

This morning, you’ll either get up at your usual hour or lie down and listen to the rooster crowing as you wait for breakfast to be served. Alternatively, engage in the villagers’ activities.

You can spend some time at a primary school while we pack our belongings and prepare for the trek. In two classrooms, they have about 15 kids. Have fun instructing them.

We’re ready to start our journey after breakfast. On your trip downhill, you’ll pass farmland and terraced paddy fields. We hiked along the creek at the bottom of a local route that led down to an evergreen forest. There will be various rivers to cross as you go through water.

Part 2

For this purpose, staff will be looking for a good location near the creek for a picnic lunch, boiling water in bamboo for coffee, and swimming in the clean natural water of the basin.

We exited the creek late in the afternoon and arrived at a terraced rice field in a lowland valley. The treks will be completed, and we will be driven back to Mae Hong Son by car.

Cost for 2 days trekking

Number of groupTHB / Per People
2 pax3,800
3 pax3,000
4 pax2,600
Up 52,200
baan hua nam village
Baan Hua Nam Village

About Baan Hua Nam

Baan Hua Nam is a Karen village with roughly 20 houses that cultivate and breed crops and animals. In fact, they continue to live a traditional lifestyle and supplement their income with trekkers.

The community is in an excellent location, surrounded by stunning landscapes, productive farmland, and the source of the watershed, which is surrounded by untouched nature so that they become trekking destinations.

baan hua nam school
Primary School

There is also a primary school with 12–15 children. They combine all of the grades into two classrooms, with two teachers in charge.

Although it is also possible to travel by pickup truck 4WD, it is quite difficult due to the steep gravel route, which requires a high-performance vehicle, which we do not have. As a result, walking is an alternative only.


Book an appointment and requirements to join the group.

huai poh terrace
After renovation, there is lodging and a terrace.

3 Days Doi San Fah > Hua Nam > Huai Poh

It is a supplementary program that continues from the trekking 2-day above for nature lovers to extend one more night in the jungle. At a height of 1,000 meters above sea level, we will trek from Baan Hua Nam to Baan Huai Poh.

A classic trip to refresh your soul and enjoy the forest while having plenty of time to do so.


The trekking in this area is considered beginner level, consisting of 6 hours of walking a day. Geographically, the mountains range from 920 to 1,290 meters above sea level.

This route is in the Doi San Fah loop, extending the day for trekking to the next village, Ban Huai Poh, or 3 houses that are quiet with beautiful scenery.


Activities:Trekking and homestay
Elevation:ASL 920-1,290 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 6 hours

  • San Fah’s viewpoint
  • Seasonal flora and fauna
  • Non-touristic areas
  • The best mountain view
  • Back to simply life

Trekking sample itinerary for 3 days

The itinerary is identical to the Doi San Fah to Hua Nam 2-Day Trek described above. Copying content to show here for Google SEO may not be a good idea. If you have time later, please return to the topic and read more.

Recap: Pick up from your hotel and drive to Doi San Fah Mountain, where you will begin trekking along a dirt road and footpath toward Karen Hill Tribe Village, where you will spend the night.

Today, you can choose your trekking route and the length of your walk. It is a trip itinerary that is adaptable.

  1. Usually, it takes about 3 hours for us to visit an anonymous cave and then take some free time at the bamboo terrace.
  2. Long route with 4-5 steps uphill and 1 hour between each step. This is a 5-hour long walk through beautiful natural surroundings.

In short, you wake up to the sound of birdsong. Visit the primary school and say your goodbyes to the host family over coffee and breakfast. Ready to begin our journey on one of the routes 1 or 2?


A magnificent view and fresh air greet you each morning. You may feel strongly that you do not want to go back at all. Coffee and breakfast will be served. Lunch will be rice wrappers prepared by the staff.

And it’s time to say goodbye to the villagers. We’ll begin by walking to the peak of the mountain and then along a ridge.


Along the trip, you’ll get a glimpse of the town. We will go down the hill to Nam Hu Creek at the bottom. It’s time to climb the rock. (This creek is for water supply, so there is no swimming.)

Continue crossing a small stream toward the town, where the trail ends, and then return to Mae Hong Son by car.

Rate for 3 days of trekking

Number of groupTHB / Person
2 pax4,800
3 pax4,000
4 pax3,600
Up 53,000
huai poh village
Baan Huai Poh Village.

About Baan Huai Poh

The village is located at a high elevation in an evergreen forest. This little village has only three families. The people’s modest way of life is visible.

Surely, with a beautiful panoramic view and opportunities to see birds, this location is ideal. At night, you will have the opportunity to hear the sounds of the wildlife in the area.

renovate the hut shelter
Traveler hut shelter with a welcoming atmosphere.

Renovated by the Trek Team

Our Trek Team traveled up here in 2018 to restore and dedicate it to visitors. So we have a wonderful terrace with a view of the surrounding mountains. Thank you to Lala and our team.

You are welcome to join our team in cooking for fun. You can also unwind, watch out the window, or read a book if you choose. Dinner will be served, and you will spend the night in the village under the stars. Have a restful night’s sleep.

Price Summary

Number of groups1 day2 days3 days
2 pax2,2003,8004,800
3 pax1,8003,0004,000
4 pax1,6002,6003,600
Up 51,4002,2003,200

Remarks: They reserve the right to change their tour plan when and where necessary in the interests of the safety of the clients. / Times can be changeable due to unforeseen circumstances like the weather. / All itineraries and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

What costs include

  • Basically
    • English speaking guide
    • Transportation
    • National Park Fees
    • Drinking water
  • Provided on itinerary
    • Food for 4-7 meals
    • Homestay 1-2 nights
    • Basic sleeping equipment

What to bring

  • A casual shorts or long pants and T-shirt
  • Trekking shoes or hiking sandals
  • Backpack and for personal use.
  • Personal bottles
    • Overnight
      • Casual wear
      • Towel
      • Polite nightdress
      • A range of toiletries
      • Flip Flop
      • Torch
    • Seasonal
      • Light Jacket
      • Raincoat
      • Insect repellent
    • Optional during November-February
      • Personal sleeping bag
      • Warm Jacket or Jumper

If you need to join with others to share and get lower costs, please let us know in advance. We will post and announce it on any social channel. See an example post here. Join 2 days trekking Mae Hong Son

How to get started

The trekking program starts in Mae Hong Son with daily departures of at least 2 people. You should arrive here one day before the trek.

Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or at the meeting time to check readiness, provide a short briefing, and make an appointment on the itinerary, which will include payment.

I had hotels recommended. Please kindly see “Where to stay” and how to get to Mae Hong Son by clicking on the “Transport” category menu.

trekking photo shot at doi san fah
View the stunning sea of mist.

Physical fitness level

  • Walking time average: we walked at a moderate pace, not too fast or too slow.
  • Difficulty level: we divide it into 3 levels: beginner, moderate, and advanced.
deliver luggage
Drop your luggage unused.

Where to leave unused luggage?

To be sure, prepare your items in a backpack and you will have the ability to carry them on your own. Other luggage can be left at the hotel or the travel agent’s office for unused luggage after the trek.

As for long-distance trekking, that doesn’t loop back. Our team will deliver it to the destination at the end of the trip.

trek doi san fah sunset
Sunset @ Doi San Fah

Anything else?

Homestay provided sleeping kits based on the local equipment such as soft mats, pillows, mosquito nets, and blankets, which you can see on “Get to know homestay and village when go on trek.”

For water walks and rainy paths, we recommend bringing a nice pair of hiking sandals with good toe protection. See “Trekking Shoes” on the page for more information. What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son

If you had a trip planner before and after trekking in Mae Hong Son, which started from/to Chiang Mai. Please consider using our affiliated services “yeschiangmai.com.”


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