6 Days Adventure Trekking To Pai

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Operated by Chan Nature Walks

Advanced trekking from Mae Hong Son to Pai 6 days, there are only a small number of tourists who make it through this difficulty level each year. Although some groups have to cancel halfway. You don’t necessarily have to be very physically fit, just often exercise when you have free time. I’ve been through this trip and am ready to take you.

trekking team
P’Chan and his team with Peter, Lia, and me.

The beginning 6 days of trekking

P’Chan has invited me to join this trip with his clients, Khun Peter and Khun Lia from the Netherlands, and they have already acknowledged my invitation and allowed me.

This journey followed a former trade route that linked Mae Hong Son and Pai. On your own two feet, you can walk through history.

I haven’t hiked for more than 3 years during the time of unemployment, I only walked in the city for some exercise every day.

So I don’t have much time to prepare trekking equipment. I just wrap up the luggage in my backpack 40L.

overgrown forest
Some of the trekking trails must be cut off the branch down.

How is the route

Different walking routes and distances of 6 days of trekking are the perfect fit characteristics of steep mountains that must be walked up and down. It used up a lot of strength.

Overall it looks quite tiring. We walk through the creek, climbing the rocks, slippery paths, and difficult by rough terrain.

the best mountain view
Beautiful mountain range and the direction we are going.

The mountain barrier

The distance seems to be designed naturally, near-far, more or less, alternating each day. It makes you have a very flexible body and burn fat very well.

Energy food and drinking water are important components. The skilled team cooked and make the journey smooth.

Finally, the natural and beautiful atmosphere returned worthwhile to us. Along the way, we will be excited and waiting for the end of the journey. But on the last day, I don’t want to be back.

Let’s get started


Part I : The 1st day of walking will be a warm-up. Then increase the difficulty on the 2nd day. The 3rd day will be spent doing general trekking, as in many tour itineraries.

Part II : Camping in the heart of the forest on the 4th night and walking along the creek all day on the 5th day and continuing to Pai, finishing the journey on the 6th day.


Activities:Trekking, homestay 3 nights and camping 2 nights
Elevation:ASL 300-1,200 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 6 – 8 hours/day

  • San Fah Mountains Range
  • Seasonal flora and fauna
  • Non-touristic areas
  • Adventure across the creek
  • Swimming in a natural jacuzzi

across the peak on day 2
The cliffs and mountains range that we have to cross.


Day 1 – Challenge your soul

We can adjust and flex your first day’s itinerary to get you used to it and give you a warm-up day. Even, we have many options based on how easy or difficult they are.

And P’Chan will decide after to meet you on arrival. Depending on the situation, the weather conditions, or our fitness and experience. He picked the shortest path for us. I’m so happy.

trekking on day 2
Conditions of walking paths that offer a variety of adventures.

Unexpected delay

Our team had a stomach ache from food poisoning. The journey was delayed by 20 minutes. Once again, I apologize on behalf of the staff.

We pick up Khun Peter and Khun Lia and apologized for the delay and hit on the road. The car drives up the steep mountain for 30 minutes and stops by the San Fah viewpoint for a while and keeps going to the starting point.

mountain motorbike
We share our luggage in advance by mountain motorbike.

Manage our luggage

There, we split the team and our luggage into two parts. The first part was the team and food supplies to walk with us. The rest loaded with 2 motorcycles to the village.

P’Chan took us along a dirt road without cars. Guided us to see and explain various plants, and mineral stones, and play with the naughty spiders until when we start to feel tired and hungry. So stop for lunch.

Then continue the trek in the afternoon. Most trails are downhill slopes. There are beautiful views overlooking Doi Pui, the 1,722 m ASL, the highest peak of Mae Hong Son.

6 days of trekking by P'Chan
The knowledge of the forest that P’Chan has experienced for almost 30 years.
homestay baan hua nam
Stay at a wooden house as normal life on the first night.

Homestay at Karen village

We arrived at the village in the late afternoon. We could see the paths and the cliffs in the east. It’s a point that we’ll have to go through hard tomorrow.

Then we help each other prepare bedding and take a shower and relax at leisure. The team rushed to prepare food and it was our first welcome dinner.

dinner in khan toke
Welcome dinner for the first night at a homestay.

doi pui range
Looking back on the peak where we passed

Day 2 – Trekking the longest day

We have to cross the Doi Pui Mountains Range, where we can see the top of the village. It made me nervous about the steepness.

But we can get through it. Because taking a break every 1 hour, then we cook lunch on the ridge which is quite fun with the wind.

cooking for lunch
Cooking for lunch in the gorge on the 2nd day of the trip.

Continue the longest day

The afternoon is the trail for walking mostly down the hill, passing overgrown forests and groves of lightning. We walk the longest day and reached the destination at exactly 5:00 p.m.

We cooked for dinner in a hurry. Because it will darken earlier than usual this season. The wooden house on one side is the bamboo floor which you will have to learn how to walk. There are 2 bathrooms outside the house very comfy.

arrive huai pom phad
We arrived late at our destination on the longest day.
homestay huai pom phad
The big homestay for the 2nd night.

evergreen zone of 6 days trekking
Evergreen zone. The tropical rainforest in 6 days of trekking.

Day 3 – Trekking shortest duration

We are so happy to do a short trek and admire the rice fields in the middle of the valley. Then walk up to the next village which is located almost at the top of the mountain and is a Lisu hill tribe village.

In the morning we walked for 3 hours through the heart of the small village. We walk to the rice fields in the valley and our goal is to take a break to cook there for lunch.

big banana
Along the way, we collect ripe bananas that are larger than those sold in the market.

Happy of 6 days trekking

It’s a small paddy rice field but I feel indeed good and relaxed. The farmers who work with the harvest allowed us to share their hut and use the kitchen. We also share the food with each other.

papaya tree
Rice fields and garden in the small valley.

In the afternoon we walked across the hill. And go up slowly, then later will find open farms that are highland agriculture That means we are reaching the village.

The village where we will stay tonight is a Lisu hill tribe of about 20 households located between the Muang and Pai districts. The weather is good because it is on 1,200 ASL and the villagers are famous for their friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

the highland farm
The highland farm and the weather are clear.

Looking for drinks

After we drop off our luggage and took a shower, I ask Khun Lia to go to the small shop in the village where in fact we intend to get a bottle of beer.

Sorry, they don’t sell beer here. There is only mountain whiskey and cola. But the owner offers a bottle of Chang Beer which he keeps for drinking when relaxed.

We were delighted. I bought a beer for her at a price as fair as the town price and bought mountain whiskey for our team. Tonight is half of the journey and would be a great time.

This was my favorite trekking day out of the 6 trekking days in total.

leaving on your feet
A bamboo house that we were staying.
cooking for dinner
Awesome cook with firewood daily of 6 days trekking.


Day 4 – Crossing the Pai River and camping

The weather wasn’t so clear, I was afraid in my mind that it might rain.

We had enough time to prepare supplies for four meals: lunch and dinner for camping tonight and another 2 meals for the next day. It’s quite difficult for the team.

We can buy more in the village. But the surprise is we can’t buy chicken meat, despite the roosters crowing in abundance in the morning. We later learned that he raised chickens to prepare for the ceremony on the upcoming New Year’s Day.

walk through the lush
The paths as a puzzle through which one has to find a way.

Raining and steep path

Raining poorly among us while lunchtime but we prepare the fly sheet before that. Rain makes our journey more flavorful. Of course, we don’t have to worry about when it will rain.

Afterward, we walk down a steep slope to the Pai River where this month the tide is normal. The team had to find the shortest and shallowest way to cross the river for us. It take for while then we decided on a crossing point and told us to prepare.

the creek and clear
The streams with clear water and a natural jacuzzi for you to soak in.

Across Pai River

One of the team swam across with a rope and tied it to the other side of the tree for us to hold on to while crossing the river. We store electronic devices in plastic bags and change into shorts or swimwear.

We crossed each other very easily. Then we walked along the water to another creek which is a stream and has clear water. We enjoyed playing in the natural Jacuzzi. The team looked for a place for camping and preparing for dining with the campfire.

If you’re traveling from mid-August to October. The Pai River level is high and the flow is very strong. We can’t walk across this route. P’Chan needs to change the route and revised the new travel plan in advance.

jungle dinner
Brilliant food for dinner at camping in the forest.

across the rock
We had to walk through and climb many rocks.

Day 5 – Trekking along the stream

For me, this is the longest walk along the creek and across the rocks. We planned to walk upstream and stop by every hour.

Early morning, I put more wood into the fire to boil water and drink coffee. The sun is late because we’re in a gorge.

After breakfast and packed up for our departure. Clean and clear the camp area. I have to get wet all day long. Sunlight shines down alternating with overcast.

across the creek
Walking across the water along the creek is a excite and challenging.

What did I find?

Throughout the journey, I found many swimming spots. This stream has clear water because it is limestone and not slippery while walking.

We arrived at the last section before entering the village. They’re welcoming us with a beautiful rice field.

Suddenly, the river that we walked on began to change color. Of course, there will be heavy rain before this stream.

The villagers who were harvesting rice said. “There was heavy rain before we arrived.” Usually, November rarely has no rain.

join working
We gathered harvest villagers to try to be farmers.

Camping or homestay?

The team is familiar with the villagers very well. So we asked for camping in the middle of the rice fields.

There are cabins and convenient bathrooms. Our equipment is also ready. So we decide to sleep here under the twilight stars at night because we knew after heavy rain the sky will be clear.

The villagers nearby here bring the food to join us. So all food and drink were fully prepared for this final night. We talked about the whole journey and said thank you to everyone.

homestay last night
Last night’s accommodation with a beautiful atmosphere.

Day 6 – Back to civilization

We woke up to the surprise of the birds singing. Because every morning we encountered a rooster crowing war. We go for a walk and enjoy the atmosphere with coffee mugs in hand. Here is a good birdwatching spot.

Now, I ready to wait for the car to pick up to travel back. Ride back on the rough road but with beautiful scenery. Stop for a coffee break at the bamboo bridge and arrive at Pai in the afternoon.

Our feeling is that we don’t want to come out of the forest. We maybe think about them for a long time. So … we had to say goodbye.

wild flower
It’s rare to meet wildflowers.
entrance of nest
Unbelievably build a nest.

6 days trekking summary


Day 0: Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son

Day 1: Mae Hong Son to Karen village

Day 2: Next Karen village


Day 3: Lisu village

Day 4: Camping

Day 5: Camping or homestay

Day 6: Arrive Pai

walk into cabin for lunch
Walk into the hut, it’s time for lunch.

How much is cost




Remarks: They reserve the right to change their tour plan when and where necessary in the interests of the safety of the clients. / Times can be changeable due to unforeseen situations like the weather. / All itineraries and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

What costs include



bamboo cup along with you for 6 days trekking
A bamboo cup that we must carry with us throughout the journey. It is very useful and convenient.

What to bring

As for the baggage that must be prepared 6 days of trekking, both to be carried by yourself and to be given to the porters. The remaining baggage is to be sent to the destination in advance by our back office team.

Belongings for trek

Belongings for porter

Where to leave unused luggage

To be sure, prepare your items in a backpack and you will have the ability to carry them on your own.

Other luggage can be left at the hotel or the travel agent’s office for unused luggage before leaving.

As for long-distance trekking, that doesn’t loop back. The remainder baggage that is not used for trekking is packed into a suitcase. It will be delivered to your destination accommodation at the end of the trip by our team.

How to get started

The 6-day of trekking program starts in Mae Hong Son with daily departures of at least 2 people. You should arrive here one day before the trek.

Once you’ve outlined your vacation itinerary. Please send an email to P’Chan by filling out the contact form on the website below.

Book an appointment

    Each other’s next step

    Responding email, travel details, and payment will be confirmed by P’Chan. Please pre-book 15 days in advance that would be great for our team to manage.

    P’Chan will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or at the meeting time to check readiness, provide a short briefing, and make an appointment on the itinerary, which will include the remaining payment.

    stranger beetle
    The light green beetle that we have never seen before.

    Physical fitness level

    Trekking Classification from other levels cannot be applied to the Mae Hong Son area. Because the routes are diverse. The walking skills and level of ease, therefore classifying the levels as a guideline.

    • Walking time average: we walked at a moderate pace, not too fast or too slow.
    • Difficulty level: we divide it into 3 levels: beginner, moderate, and advanced.

    When is the best time?

    Trekking in the Mae Hong Son area can start from mid-May until August when the trees begin to bloom and the mountains turn green.

    The difficulty level increases due to monsoons and increased rainfall from September until October, we can manage it but must accept the uncertainty of the weather. In 2022, we still have to deal with climate change throughout the high season.

    It will enter the tourist season from November until February. That is good weather for traveling in the north. Except for March to April, It is advised to avoid outdoor activities.

    cooking team
    One of trekking team with skills and abilities.

    Anything else?

    Homestay provided sleeping kits based on the local equipment such as soft mats, pillows, mosquito nets, and blankets, which you can see on “Get to know homestay and village when go on trek.”

    For water walks and rainy paths, we recommend bringing a nice pair of hiking sandals with good toe protection. See “Trekking Shoes” on the page for more information. What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son

    the porter team along 6 days trekking
    ฺBehind me is the ninja turtles who are an amazing porter team.

    Conclusion by 6 days of trekking

    When we go through any hardships. We’ll discover that it’s too easy. And it wasn’t any harder than we thought before we traveled.

    Koon : Nov 2022

    the best team
    The best team we got together.

    Special Thanks

    • Khun Petrus Johannes Maria and Khun Cornelia Martina
    • P’Chan Nature Walks and Teams
    • All the villagers and the nature

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