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Last Updated on March 22, 2024

Update accommodations for 2024

Mae Hong Son has a wide variety of accommodations, and prices vary, which are quite limited in this small town. And it may not have all the facilities.

You will find it easy to find a place to stay and plan on spending time and relaxing with family while you read this brief article.

I select accommodations that I think are suitable for tourists based on location, price, and service. I just commented on our honesty as a guideline.

around jong kham
Accommodations will be around this pond.

Around Jong Kham Zone

Jong Kham is a pond and a public park. There is a beautiful temple in the background and a night market area for tourists. It’s a spot that everyone knows.

piya gh sign
Piya Reception

1. Piya Guesthouse

This is the first accommodation I had when I visited Mae Hong Son more than 30 years ago. This is the first choice to consider. Piya Guesthouse is located nearby the lake, and the reasonable price is 700 THB all year-round.

2. Friends House

Walk up north, about 100 m from Piya Guesthouse. Regular accommodation on a budget. If you have to come to work for several days, they also have a shared bathroom. The rate started at 400 THB. This is a good place for backpackers to stay in the old days. Laundry service is at the front. Starting point of street food in Night Market.

good view hostel
Good View Hostel: Bunk Bed

3. Good View Hostel

Next to Piya Guesthouse on the left hand. Good View Hostel 2022, a shared-room hostel, was renovated from an old house. It is also located next to the Good View restaurant. Rooms are clean and comfy, with a hot shower and towel. Prices are very reasonable at 200 THB a day for a bed in a dorm room.

the like view
The balcony on The Like View GH

4. The Like View Guesthouse

Next to Friends House, turn right at 20 m. and walk down the slope. The Like View Guesthouse has affordable prices, a good location, and is close to Nong Jong Kham. Internet access, free WiFi, and friendly staff.

jong kham view
Jong Kham View

5. Jong Kham View

Next to The Like View Guesthouse on the same road is a modern-style accommodation with 8 rooms. The rate is 900 THB per night. Jong Kham View: The single-story concrete bungalows, arranged in two rows and surrounded by a garden, are airy.

6. Sarm Mork Guesthouse

On the other side of Jong Kham Lake. It is easy to walk from Jong Kham View to the east and turn right. Within a 5-minute walk of Night Market, Jong Kham Lake, and Public Park. Sarm Mork Guesthouse has 5 air-conditioned rooms featuring refrigerators.

plam house
Plam House Normal Loft

7. Palm House

Walk down from Sarm Mork Guesthouse, 100 m on the left. It has 2 zones, the front is an old building that offers a good price, and the back is a loft-style building in the garden. Most of them are Thai people who stay here.

rom tai house
Romtai House has several types of rooms to choose from.

8. Romtai House

Next to Palm House. The guesthouse has the most rooms and a variety of styles and prices. Just behind the temples by the lake. This might be a second choice. Romtai House has a beautiful garden of flowers, a fish pond, and a public relaxation pavilion.

mon jong kham
Mon Jong Kham

9. Mon Jong Kham View Hotel

Mon Jong Kham and Jong Kham View, owned by the same owner, are relatively new accommodations. And most of them are Thai people who like this style. The rates are the same.


This loop zone around the lake must consider the limited parking spaces. If you travel by private car during the high season, which often comes to be a festive zone.

The others are on the main road and not so quiet with the live music of the bar under the hotel.

Previously, Baan Mai Guesthouse was a good option that is gone. By now, it’s no longer there.

Stay in western Mae Hong Son zone

Bundee House is a good choice. There are a lot of rooms, and it is good to compare pricing. Travelers may find it difficult to reach their destination due to the one-way route.

charlie balcony
The balcony on Charlie’s Hut.

Sang Tong Huts is a little further from the city, but the cottage is close to nature, and there is a small swimming pool to relax in. You will like the cottage-style rooms.

b2 hotel
A fantastic outdoor swimming pool.

B2 Mae Hong Son Premier Hotel is a standard building with a tourist class at your option. Slightly on the edge of the city, it is a brand of hotels that are scattered throughout the tourist cities. The resort offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and a fantastic outdoor swimming pool.

P.L.P. Guesthouse features free private parking, luggage storage space, and free WiFi. Include a terrace and a satellite TV, as well as air conditioning. A private bathroom with free toiletries. The nearest temples are all around, and you can walk up to Doi Kong Mu.

Jeerang Countryside Resort

Resort along Route 5016 [Bypass Road]

There are many hotels and small resorts to choose from, such as Rimtarn Resort, Jasmin Resort, Green Mountain Resort, and Jeerang Countryside Resort, and there are online booking services on the well-known application.

I seldom get to touch around here; I just go by the airport. For this zone, you need to have a vehicle to travel, at least a bicycle or motorcycle. Even though you could still walk from/to downtown.

South of the city

Chubeema, a new hot hostel, is hospitable and close to the bus station. The rooms step up to the 2nd and 3rd floors. The ground is a coffee zone.

Crossroads House is an old guest house with good workmanship and has received a popular review. You will be surprised by the rooms in this 2-story teak building and her friendly.

twin house
Baan Phuthadol is the only place that has a family room type.

Baan Phuthadol is one of your choices if you drive a car to Mae Hong Son. Just a drive out of town and located on a small hill, it has a good atmosphere, is a quiet area, and is suitable for a family group.

The Imperial Mae Hong Son Hotel is the biggest one in this province and is known as the Imperial Chain.

Stay in North of Mae Hong Son

sang poy cottage
Sang Poy Cottage is welcoming.

The accommodation will not spread out along Pang Lor Rd. and various alleys. Traveling will not be convenient. If so, you will need a car. And most of them are residential areas for local people.

Baan Pang Mu is a Shan community and also a peace resort, but not much, i.e., Hotel Sib-Lan Buri Resort Mae Hong Son, and before Su Tong Pae [Bamboo Brigde] has Sang Poy Cottage, which is very interesting.

Hotels Mae Hong son Map

Where will you stay tonight?

Those are all based on my experience, and I’ve been with tourists frequently during work. If there are any interesting additions or changes to the list above, I will update it at times.

I would choose Piya Guesthouse, and Romtai House is my first selection. You may see other options on Google Maps or booking applications. Some accommodations I cannot review on this website.

My bucket list by features

Convenient: Piya Guesthouse
Family room: Baan Phuthadol
Outskirts: Sang Poy Cottage
Parking lot: Palm House and Romtai House
Room types: Boondee House
Standard: Imperial Mae Hong Son Resort

However, please consider reasonableness and open vision. The service operation and location are the priorities. Review scores are neutral in each situation.

Some accommodations are not maintained due to the economic or budget situation not being favorable yet.

I use KLOOL Affiliate as an intermediary to check whether their operations are normal or not. Price updates from owners or ratings and reviews from guests that show the current status.

Hopefully, you can choose your accommodation according to your needs.

Everywhere has both sides.

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