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We launched this website in June 2006, when the average internet speed was 256 kbps and internet access was prohibitively expensive. We are willing to do it to make tourist visits to Mae Hong Son worthwhile. The journey here takes longer and costs more due to the different geography.

This website is a travel and lifestyle blog about Mae Hong Son. It is a slight shift in each timeline and is taken seriously after running on the WordPress platform in 2017.

About Mae Hong Son for a bit

Mae Hong Son is in northwest Thailand, on the Myanmar [Burma] border. It takes more than 6 hours to get here from Chiang Mai via the shortest highway and a long, winding road that twists and turns.

This province is Thailand’s third largest province, with 95% of the land covered in mountainous regions with steep slopes and deep valleys, as well as numerous small villages where people live in a slow-paced city.

The mountainous, forested surroundings, the valleys, the rural, farming lifestyle, the Pai River, and other small waterways all add to the natural beauty.

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The One You Love

The city of slow life

Mae Hong Son is known for its charm, soul, and great atmosphere, as well as its calming, welcoming, and generous spirit. All true to the feel of this wonderful place.

It is strongly influenced by the Shan people of Myanmar. Thai Yai is their native language, while Dai is their own Shan dialect. The local food, language, architecture, and culture are predominantly Shan.

The hill tribes include the Hmong, Karen, Long-neck Kayan, Lisu, and Lahu. This diversity adds to the color and cultural warmth of the markets, festivals and local villages.

This is a stunning landscape. The forest is still plentiful and is the best place to go trekking. The hill tribe people are friendly and make a colorful scene that will keep you twinkling the entire journey.

Every day is a holiday

Furthermore, the weather is pleasant, and the best time to visit is from May to February, which can be accommodated into your schedule.

I want people to have a good time in Mae Hong Son, so I recommend that they stay for at least four days. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy your visit and have a great time.

I hope our website can assist you in creating a trip planner and making your vacation a worthwhile visit. And you can help us by using our services. Please contact us.

Slow & Steady

Thank you for visiting our region.


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