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This website is mostly travel blog and lifestyle based. We started in June of 2006, its a little bit change in each version and taken seriously after running on WordPress platform in 2017.

Mae Hong Son is situated in the northwest Thailand and bordering Myanmar [Burma]. It take more than 6 hours by the shortest highway from Chiang Mai to reach here and going on the long long winding road which twists and turns.

Mae Hong Son is the 3nd largest area of Thailand and mostly consists of mountainous regions with their steep slopes and deep valleys and made up of many small villages where the people living in slow life city.

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Here is a very beautiful landscape. The forest is still abundant and the best area to trekking. The hill tribes people are friendly and make a colorful that keep you twinkling throughout the journey.

Additionally, the weather is excellent and the best time preiod to visit Mae Hong Son available from May til Feb and can be applied to your schedule.

I want people to enjoy traveling in Mae Hong Son and suggest to planning at least 4 days, it would be better. I’m really sure, you will happy and get the best experiences to visiting here.

I hope this website is able to help you make a trip planner and your holiday is valuable a visit. And I need any support from you by our services.

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