Baan Song Thai

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The top 10 restaurants in Mae Hong Son. Baan Song Thai Restaurant est. 1994, Since same owner. Lacated outskrit the town 2 km. Baan Song Thai is mean traditional Thai architecture of Thai house and made of teak and hard wood.

The restaurant serving delicious food with a variety of hot cold drinks. There are many delicious sweets both of Thai desserts and Western desserts. A place in an atmosphere garden, shady, clean, beautiful and comfortable.Rice noodle is the one of famous dishes.

Tai Tai brand, production and distribution ready to eat healthy food products, through processing of premium quality agricultural products, such as sesame seeds (black, white and brown seeds) beans, rice, cereals and fruits, locally and naturally cultivated in Mae Hong Son and other northern provinces of Thailand.

Open: Daily 8:30a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


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