Baan Song Thai

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

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The top 10 restaurants in Mae Hong Son. Baan Song Thai Restaurant has been running since 1994. The original rice noodles with southern curry sauce.

“Baan Song Thai” has a Thai connotation

A house is referred to as a Baan, while a shape or pattern is referred to as a Song in Thai. Baan Song Thai refers to traditional Thai house architecture constructed of teak and hardwood.

southern rice spicy

It is fashionable to convert historic houses into eateries. Eating in a traditional setting with a large family of ancient Thai forms.

rice noodles

What’s cool

The restaurant serves delicious food with a variety of hot and cold drinks. There are many delicious sweets, both Thai and Western desserts. A place in an atmosphere garden, shady, clean, beautiful, and comfortable. Rice noodle is one of the famous dishes.

Baan Song Thai serves both Thai and southern cuisine and is the most upscale restaurant in the area. The restaurant is housed in a traditional Ayutthaya style structure with a distinctive coffee shop. They also provide a sesame snack shop.

relax before and after meal

Heathy Snack

Tai Tai brand, production and distribution of ready-to-eat healthy food products, through the processing of premium quality agricultural products such as sesame seeds (black, white, and brown seeds), beans, rice, cereals, and fruits, locally and naturally cultivated in Mae Hong Son and other northern provinces of Thailand.

available on menu

Open: Daily 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

I usually come here for lunch. He just remodeled the shop, creating a shady garden. The air-conditioned room will be available if you prefer it. And in the not-too-distant future, it will be open for dinner.

tai tai coffee

Locals and charity workers alike love it. However, it is not well known among travelers. If you don’t have a tour guide or foodie recommend you go. Because of its location on the outskirts of town, 2 kilometers away.

Check it out for more reviews on their website and find out about more restaurants in Mae Hong Son.


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