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Remind yourselves

This some trekking tips will be useful for trekking in Mae Hong Son. I think, this probably will be enough or should be a better way.

It seem to be, they have a lot of things to prepare before go on trek but the important is your good fitness. It might be a lot of things to do during trekking but the matter is your enjoy and apptrciate everything you see. Just only one thing to do after trek is a great memorial.

before trek tour

Don’t forget the practice hikes and mental preparation is important, too. Here is some tips to trekking or hiking in Mae Hong Son and especially for trkking 2 days, 3 days and multiple days. No matter which trail you choose, it’s important to be prepared and make sure.

Before go on trek

  • Infant or pregnant women it is not to go on tour.
  • Make sure your travel insurance is cover adventure activities.
  • Leave other valuable things at your hotel or safety box.
  • Do not trekking alone should have 2 people at least. Avoid going out alone without a guide.
  • Check your physical fitness and practice hikes.
  • Choose a route which is adapted to your level and that of those who are with you.
  • Do not over-estimate your abilities.
  • Definitely do not go hiking on an empty stomach.
before trek food

During the trek

  • Making sure you have enough water prior to go on your hike. Take water minimum 1 litres per person. You should plan on approximately one cup of water per hour.
  • Take some great nutritious snacks. ( Banana, whole wheat bread, an apple or a handful of nuts and raisins. )
  • Bring only the necessary items.
  • Follow the national park advices. Please respect the rules.
  • Be respectful to local customs.
  • Stays on the route do not leave the trail alone.
  • Be aware and have a sense of belonging in our natural surroundings.
  • Always trust your local guide and should be have porter or assistance.
  • Make every effort to help in its preservation.

After the trek

  • Check carefully all your retrieved deposited items.
  • Make sure nothing is missing and that they are in the same condition.
  • If problem occurs, contact the nearest tourist police.
before trek prepare

When you’ve completed the hike, it’s important to help your body recover. Tasty ways to refuel your body quickly is yogurt and fresh fruit. And it will be better go to Thai Massage.

Recommended easy level trekking

Mae Hong son have many trails to trekking and varies level for new trekker to starting. Most of them learning by doing and enjoy exploring by themself. It’s seem to be safety but we recommended trekking with a travel agency and a specialist local guide.

Trekking with Pree Cha

He is a smart guide who expert in this area and flexible to make an options for your trip.

Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son

We have 3 trekking programs to recommended which is a basic to moderate level for hiking and also flexible or adjustment to your kids. Enjoyable to learn how to walk, live and survival in the jungle.

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