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Taking a flight to Mae Hong Son

How to go to Mae Hong Son by flight

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, all airlines announces temporary closure of flights to some destinations and unable to provide services at Mae Hong Son Airport.

Distance some 900 kilometres [ 14h ] from Bangkok or 240 kilometres [ 6h ] from Chiang Mai by road. This is a reason why will we taking a flight to Mae Hong Son.

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Nope tour guide and van rental

Explore with Nope

Mr.Nope is a freelance tour guide in Mae Hong Son and also is the English speaking driver. Your trip will be along with a double values to get 2 in 1 by his service, this is one of the best options in Mae Hong Son.

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Nong car service

Get more explore Mae Hong Son

For a tiny group in 2 – 3 persons to hire a car with driver to explore Mae Hong Son day trip. Mr.Nong is a driver and provides car service to drive you around there.

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Van rental with driver

Mae Hong Son van team

Make your days with our van rental, complete with a reliable driver for your whole trip. There are attraction nearby Muang area, Mae Hong Son and destinations able to visit 1 day trip.

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Fly with Nok Air

We fly smiles

Due to the goverment’s covid-19 preventon measures. All airlines will be extending the temporary suspension of operation on all domestic flights. We will an update timetable flights when as its regulars situation and hope to resume operations as soon.

This is the best choice to save your time to visit Mae Hong Son if you have a planner trip for minimum 4 days and compare with traveling by bus. You have a little bit more closer to Mae Hong Son.

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Private transfer route 108

A classic road

A major highway number 108 via Mae Sariang and take about 7.30 hours. The 1st section from Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang take about 4 hours with the distance 200 Kilometers. The 2nd section another 3.30 hours with the distance 160 Kilometers to Mae Hong Son. And drop you off around 5 p.m.

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Private transfer route 1095

A long winding road

A minor highway number 1095 via Pai and take about 6 hours. The 1st section from Chiang Mai to Pai take about 3 hours with the most curves. The 2nd section another 3 hours in the afternoon. And drop you off around 4 p.m.

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