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Last Updated on October 18, 2023

A good journey with good service

Chan Chai car service is one of the best options for smooth travel to hard-to-reach destinations. His car and van services are your choice.

Chan Chai, nicknamed Pri or Pree, has been working in tourist service for many years. Confidence in driving skills and excellent customer service.

toyota van

He and his family live in Mae Hong Son. If you have the opportunity to visit Mae Hong Son. Try our Chauffeur-drive service at a fair price.

Chan Chai’s car service type

He offers 2 types of vehicles: pickup trucks for short trips along the mountains road in Mae Hong Son. Suitable for family groups of 1-4 people.

toyota pickup truck
chan chai toyota 4 doors

And van capacity for groups of 4-8 people will take several days to travel around Mae Hong Son or transfer from/to Chiang Mai.

chan chai van


Chan Chai is an experienced driver and be able to help you with smaller decisions during the trip. Because he has a lot of local knowledge and also speaks Shan and Karen languages.


Chan Chai car service has a reasonable price and can be used as a base price. Because it comes from the frequency of various jobs. You can be confident that you will receive standard service. And he is also flexible with negotiations.

Petrol and transportation only*

Lunch, entry fees, and personal expenses.

Sample trip Chan Chai car service

3,500 THB

One way

Su Tong Pae (Bamboo Bridge) – Jabo (Lahu Tribe Village) – Lod Cave (Soppong) – Viewpoint – Drop off at Pai

chan chai car service
The killing smile.

How to contact Chan Chai

He cannot respond by email. So I made a page for booking online services available here. Just click on the image “Pre-BooK” below.

It is quite crowded during the high season. To avoid confusion, please book in advance.

    I was able to reach him via phone or Line as well. There may be some delays if he is on driving. By the way, if you can speak Thai please inquire about his mobile number via the contact form.

    Start from Chiang Mai

    If you’re looking for a car rental with a driver to get to Mae Hong Son from Chiang Mai, I recommend checking out

    Enjoy total flexibility in your plans. No need to think about driving regulations. You’ll have more time while you’re on the road with an experienced local driver.

    Just plan your trip and feel free to contact us.


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