Coffee Morning

Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Freshly brewed coffee and a charming little guesthouse

Freshly brewed coffee greets you as you awake. Coffee Morning serves excellent coffee and has a pleasant atmosphere.

It’s across the street from Mae Hong Son Municipal and not far from Jong Kham Lake. It’s a bit out of the way because it’s on the main street. It takes only five to ten minutes to walk there.

coffee morning mhs

Tea, juice, and amazing smoothies are among the other beverages available. Green Tea Latte is a must-try. They do have cakes and pastries here, but no other food.

Behind the shop, there are some seats to relax in an open-air & air-conditioned room, which is a nice place to spend a few hours, hang out with friends, or relax with cold drinks on a sunny day.

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Coffee Morning is quite nice. It is a really relaxing place. A wooden house [an old Thai house] with a lot of character and love that makes it feel cozy and homey. I liked the decoration because there are many beautiful pictures, but it doesn’t appear cluttered.

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On the 2nd floor of the shop is the guesthouse. I can’t comment on it as a guest as I have never stayed there. Take a look around; it’s a lovely and well-kept guesthouse.

The thin beds on the floor are fine, and you will enjoy your stay. The rooms are equipped with rotating fans, a television, numerous power outlets, and two chairs with a small table.

The guesthouse will be closed until the room is fully renovated, probably.

room upstair

Let’s also try Thai Arabica coffee (100%), fresh fruit juice, iced cappuccino, mocha, and other beverages. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the place is very relaxing.

a good place to catch up

Open: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Facebook: Coffee Morning Mae Hong Son

Alternatively, walk down to Jong Kham Lake and up to the main road to the next restaurant run by the same owner, “77 House’s Wine, Coffee, and Food,” a casual place in Mae Hong Son town.


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