Crossroads Bar Mae Hong Son

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

Drinking, Eating and Seeing

Crossroads Bar is the only place to go in Mae Hong Son for a late-night beer with a good atmosphere. The shop is an antique house in the center of the city, now open as a restaurant. Location: at the corner of the main road and the heart of town.

The restaurant was closed permanently due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fire broke out early on April 17, 2020.

crossroads bar style

It is a one-size-fits-all drink and gets a mixed crowd of young and old locals, tourists, and staff members, making the atmosphere joyful.

If you need a bit of a private zone, just walk up to the mezzanine. There is a pool table, which is usually played at night.

This is a great little place to sit and watch the world go by. I loved sitting in this very cool outback-style bar. I always come over here to get a small beer.

Pizza Recipe

Actually, they have a pizza menu that is a secret from the original recipe. If you are not in a hurry, please take a seat and wait for 25 minutes. They also deliver to local people nearby and make orders by phone in advance.

It also has a wide choice of reasonably priced food options and decent coffee. My favorite dish is Pad Thai, or any kind of dish cooked to order.

Crossroads Restaurant, Mae Hong Son, Thailand, 2016

See more

I found these videos on YouTube. Let’s see how nice Mae Hong Son town was in 2015 (a beautiful little town) and how Crossroads Bar was some of the nice relaxing things to do in town.

drinking at crossroads bar

Best cocktail

This is perhaps the closest you’ll get to drinking whole with cheaply priced cocktails. B-52 is one of the famous cocktails of the last drink before going home. You may see twists and turns before you get home.

The B-52 cocktail is a layered shot composed of a coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and Grand Marnier. The ingredients separate into three distinctly visible layers. The shot sets fire to the top layer.

Ricetta B52 Shot:


The intersection of Khunlumprapas Road and Singhanat Bamrun is where you’ll find us. That way, everyone will know where to go and where to gather at your location.

Always in our hearts

I hope my mental state will improve shortly following the fire. I’ll make a photo gallery of the good old days when we had fun and had good memories.

Please contact us if you have any pictures of Crossroads Bar to share from your great memories. Thank you.


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