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Last Updated on July 14, 2023

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Doi Pui, 1,722 meters above sea level, is the highest point of Mae Hong Son. It is the highlight of the trekking route.

Because it is a tourist attraction that can only be accessed on foot. Getting to the summit takes a full-day trip from town. The most popular and shortest route starts from Baan Huai Hee, a small ethnic Karen community.

You can start with other surrounding villages or increase the walking distance and design programs for as long as you like. Let’s see which route is right for you.

trekking along the cliff
The landscape mountains of San Fah are seen towards the western.

Doi Pui meaning

  • Doi = The top of a hill or other stretch of rising ground.
  • Pui = A material thing that lights, is soft, or floating; is used to describe things, flowers or wool.
pui flower
The white flowers float when the wind blows.

1. Trekking 1 day to Doi Pui

It seems quite tiring and too tight an itinerary for a day trek. Suitable for people with strong bodies and who are accustomed to walking at high altitudes.

Of course, it can taste trekking for beginners including off-road travel and a break for outdoor activities.

doi pui trek
On the way down from Doi Pui and the ever-changing weather.

The program starts from the city by 4wd pickup truck, stopping at a viewpoint, and taking 1.30 hours to reach Baan Huai Hee. Started walking up Doi Pui and returning, totaling about 5-6 hours, then traveling back to the hotel or adding more nights to stay here.

We may add to watching the sunset from the viewpoint again on the way back, it depends on your option. That is a long day’s journey.

trek doi san fah sunset
Sunset @ Doi San Fah

2. Huai Hee 2 days and explore Doi Pui

Continued program from Trekking 1 day to Doi Pui, can divide the journey to be more completely. The program can choose to hike up to Doi Pui on the first or second day and have the opportunity to stay at a homestay with the Karen community. Moreover, you can choose to camp at the base camp. If you are traveling in the high season.

yuuki trek to doi pui
huai hee children

3. Nam Hoo – Huai Hee 2 days

A program that increases walking distance on the first day By starting by walking from Baan Nam Hoo to Baan Huai Hee, it takes about 5-6 hours to walk and then combines with 1. Trekking 1 day to Doi Pui or 2. Huai Hee 2 days and explore Doi Pui. It can also be extended to the next day if you prefer.

trek trail huai hee
trek trail nam hoo

4. Adventure Huai Hee – Hua Nam 2 days

Also, from Doi Pui, you can make an adventure walk down the hill and climb through the cliff to Baan Hua Nam. It’s an exciting route.

And it can also be designed and extended to other villages on the route Baan Hua Nam Loop if necessary with the destination focus on 3 villages or camping.

doi pui to hua nam

5. Huai Hee – Huai Goong 3 days

Baan Huai Goong is a small village beside a stream where cars can’t be accessed. Only 8 households live there. You will enjoy fishing and swimming.

It’s a combination of Doi Pui Loop from programs 1, 2, and 3 above. Then add a trek from Baan Huai Hee to Baan Huai Goong. We’ll return along the Mae Samat River on the last day.

trek trail huai goong

6. Huai Hee – Huai Tong Kor 4-5 days

Go deeper into the forest at Baan Huai Tong Kor where a medium-sized waterfall is hidden in a valley. It can add 1-2 more nights and combine with programs 2 or 4. Baan Huai Tong Kor and Baan Huai Goong, I split and arrange in the loop of the Mae Samat River.

trek trail huai tong kor

A summary of chapter

Those are the very interesting Doi Pui Loop for trekking. They are a Christian and Buddhist Karen community, which is familiar to tourists as well. Routes can be designed according to walking distances, as you can plan more time spent close to nature.


The highlight is Doi Pui, the highest peak of 1,722 m. There are top hills that are grasslands without trees, overlooking all directions panorama view. The weather may change at any time. Route conditions with a variety of local flora and fauna.

It can be used as a hub or starting point for trekking, connecting to other villages, or multiple trekking loops to make the distance and duration increase as needed.

  • Activities: Trekking
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Elevation: ASL 300-1,722 m.
  • Fitness: Good Physical
  • Length: Walking 6 – 7 hours
  • San Fah’s viewpoint
  • Seasonal flora and fauna
  • Doi Pui 1,722 m. ASL


Prices are calculated and displayed as an amount per person. Therefore, it depends on the number of people per group that will depart according to the package. It’s possible to specify as a private group or join with others.

The regular price average is 2,500 THB/day/person. It might be lower or higher according to business costs based on quality and safety.

Remarks : They reserve the right to change their tour plan when and where necessary in the interests of the safety of the clients. / Times can be changeable due to unforeseen circumstances like the weather. / All itineraries and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

What costs include



What to bring

Belongings for examples

For water walks and rainy paths, we recommend bringing a nice pair of hiking sandals with good toe protection. See “Trekking Shoes” on the page for more information. What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son

Physical fitness level

We walked at a moderate pace, not too fast or too slow.

When is the best time?

May – AugGreen SeasonGood
Sep – OctRainingDifficulty
Nov – FebCool SeasonExcellent
Mar – AprHot SeasonDo Nothing

If you need to join with others to share and get lower costs, please email us in advance. We will post it to announce on our network and any social channel. BOOK NOW

How to get started?

You can send an email to us through the contact form on the website below once you’ve outlined your vacation itinerary.

We will announce this to the tour guide or travel agency and then they will respond with a confirmation.

    Anything else?

    The trekking program starts in Mae Hong Son with daily departures of at least 2 people. You should arrive here one day before the trek.

    Homestay provided sleeping kits based on the local equipment such as soft mats, pillows, mosquito nets, and blankets, which you can see on “Get to know homestay and village when go on trek.”

    deliver luggage
    Drop your luggage unused.

    Where to leave your luggage?

    To be sure, prepare your items in a backpack and you will have the ability to carry them on your own. Other luggage can be left at the hotel or the travel agent’s office for unused luggage after the trek.

    If you had a trip planner before and after trekking in Mae Hong Son, which started from/to Chiang Mai. Please consider using our services “”


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