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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Bai Fern in Thai

The Thai people have known the Bai Fern restaurant for a long time and will celebrate its 32nd anniversary in 2019. It’s affiliated with the Fern Resort of the same name, and the guests coming to town by shuttle drop off here.

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The best local Thai food

Bai Fern is a more upmarket option for those looking to avoid street food fare and treat themselves. A local restaurant serves both Thai and international cuisine and is popular with both residents and visitors. On Khunlumprapas Rd, it’s right in the middle of town, a little south of the center.

The restaurant separates different zones, is open-air, and has decorated wooden buildings. The setting is classier, with lots of dark-veneered wood. A more upscale restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, featuring Northern Thai specialties.

They do quality products, and some of their vegetables are organically grown in their eponymously named out-of-town resort’s garden. It offers other Thai-famous dishes and also has live music, so it has a good atmosphere for whiling away a couple of hours.

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How about Fern Restaurant services

Excellent and very tasty, with a range of interesting menus with a range of local (Thai), regional (Burma), and European food. The service is very good and friendly, and the food is extremely tasty. There is quite a bit of indoor and outdoor seating, easy-to-understand menus, English-spoken, and very well priced.

Recommended dishes

  • Tom Kha Kai (Galanka-Coconut milk chicken soup)
  • Kang Kaew Warn (Green Curry Soup)
  • Grilled Baby Shitake marinated in Soy sauce
  • Hot and spicy with stir-fried
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