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Last Updated on December 9, 2023

Asia’s Boutique Airline

Bangkok Airways is the only airline providing full service on domestic routes. In addition, they offer a ground lounge. In-flight meals and beverages will be served. And the complimentary baggage allowance load is free at 20 kg.

Bangkok Airways has plans to restart flights to Mae Hong Son to launch three-weekly flights from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son via Lampang starting August 2, 2023.

The flight plan is as follows:

From Suvarnabhumi
PG205 [ Mon. / Wed. / Fri. ]
Suvarnabhumi to Lampang 11.55 – 13.30
Lampang to Mae Hong Son 14.10 – 15.00
Effective from Aug 2, 2023
From Mae Hong Son
PG206 [ Mon. / Wed. / Fri. ]
Mae Hong Son to Lampang 15.30 – 16.20
Lampang to Suvarnabhumi 17.00 – 18.35
Effective from Aug 2, 2023

My favorite airline

It’s my favorite airline, and I use it almost every time I travel. Because it’s very comfortable and I don’t have to worry about being hungry while on board. I’ll be able to continue traveling shortly after landing. Although I would be willing to pay a higher price if it is required at each stage of the journey.

Moreover, Bangkok Airways is co-branding with many worldwide airlines. The flights also cover all destinations and the beautiful airports of Thailand, such as Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat. You can also connect and transit flights based on their route map.

Of course, they fly between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai as well, and have done so for many years. The flight time was only 45 minutes and the ticket prices ranged from THB 1,090 to nearly THB 2,200 each.

mae hong son airport

Bangkok Airways temporarily suspends Mae Hong Son flights from April 7th, 2020 onwards. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Flight Schedule

Chiang Mai (CNX) to Mae Hong Son (HGN)

09:2010:05PG351 Daily
16:1517:00PG353 Tue / Thu / Sat

Mae Hong Son (HGN) to Chiang Mai (CNX)

10:3511:15PG352 Daily
17:3018:10PG354 Tue / Thu / Sat


  • Effect from October 2019 to March 2020.
  • Flights departing or returning to Bangkok require a change of aircraft at Chiang Mai.
  • Bangkok Airways has operated in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport up to the present time.
  • Suvarnabhumi airport might be very busy for the long weekend. So that looks like many people are flying somewhere too. Please remember your flight time and gate while at the airport.

Mostly, Bangkok Airways will offer promotional prices for each period to book in advance. If it is already in my travel plans, I would not hesitate to book tickets. Because averaging a year’s worth of travel expenses is considered a discount.

The ticket can be purchased online at, which is very convenient and quick. The process is not confusing because the website was designed by a professional.

There are no other conditions which are hidden in additional charges. Payment can be completed in a one-stop service. You can also pay via credit or debit card.

airport lounge

And it’s a good option for me that the Bangkok Airways Lounge is the best thing about flying this airline, as every passenger can use the lounge and have free coffee and snacks. Of course, it comes at a cost, as tickets are more expensive than on other airlines.

Become a Member

I used to get a free flight as a result of the promotion’s lucky draw, so I always respond to the surveys. Perhaps you could be a lucky winner by answering the various questionnaire surveys.

For residents of Thailand, I recommend signing up for FlyerBonus. You will be rewarded with points, promotions, and benefits. It may take a year-round to earn points.

bangkok air lounge

Airport Lounge by Bangkok Airways

Let’s relax before take off

When you arrive at the airport, check in and then proceed to the lounge to show your boarding pass and receive a code for free WiFi. While waiting for your flight, look for an available seat and then go to self-service to get some snacks.

The lounge has a speaker that announces their airlines’ flight times. Just keep an eye on your watch while listening. As a result of this convincing assistance, passengers have arrived at the airport as early as possible.

bangkok air snacks

Each airport and terminal master plan has a different location. Mostly, it is in front of the gate or nearby. To be sure, just show your passport and boarding pass to come inside.

Except at Chiang Mai Airport, where the lounge is located directly outside the departures terminal. You must finish and arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes prior to departure. Occasionally, there are too many passengers in line for the final scanning check, especially during peak periods or long weekends.

Mae Hong Son Airport also has a tiny space for a kiosk that serves coffee, soft drinks, and snacks. Chiang Rai Airport is also the same. Samui Airport is hub and home of Bangkok Airways, the lounge is a beautiful building. I will show you the pictures later.

mae hong son from plane

Remarks: Passengers flying with Bangkok Airways on an international flight should refer to this page about Through Check-in in this case.

If you haven’t already planned or booked a trip to Mae Hong Son, now is the time. In the hopes that you will check out my services or contact us whenever it is convenient for you. I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you for your support.

Welcome on board.


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