Full package tour and trek Mae Hong Son

Last Updated on July 14, 2023

Explore and experience the authentic

The package tour and trek Mae Hong Son program will provide opportunities to visit attractions in the Mae Hong Son loop. Visit hill-tribe villages, caves, national parks, waterfalls, hot springs, and much more.

The highlight combined with sightseeing and trekking activities for 2 days.

The cost is a full package including transportation, accommodation, attractions and trekking activities. It helps you to make travel plans to reach a hidden province in the valley.

full pack trek and tour
Day trek with Shan village.

The itinerary also can be rearranged and tailored to meet your holiday plan. It can be varied from 3 days and up to multidays depending upon your preferences.

The program will start from Chiang Mai and take a scenic mountain journey. The tourists can also fly back to Chiang Mai or continue overland to return to Chiang Mai again until end of service.

There will be no airline service from 19 April onwards, please check the flight schedule again before traveling.

trek tour moo
Trekking with Moo.

Below are shown the details tour and trek Mae Hong Son program in general. Let’s see an example 6 Days Around Mae Hong Son.

Round I

Day 1: Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son

Start from the hotel in Chiang Mai and hit on highway 1095 via Pai District, you may stop by along the way.

Notes: Trips should be start at 8:00 am.

We drive you across Pai to Soppong and have lunch at Pen Cave Homestay, before getting into the cave. This restaurant serves you organic food and homegrown coffee.

bamboo raft in lod cave
Bamboo raft into the cave.

Then visit Lod Cave for 1.30 hours, a large cave that consists of 3 chambers. Afterward, continue to Mae Hong Son and arrive in the late afternoon. Check in and stay at Sang Tong Huts, a comfortable and cozy boutique-style guesthouse.

sang tong family
Sang Tong Huts.

In the evening, a trekking team meets with you to introduce themself and make a friendliness chat. They also talk about the trekking trail.

Then have dinner in downtown at Kai Mook Restaurant. After that, take a short walk through the town before heading back to Sang Tong Huts, take a rest and prepare for the next day’s trekking.

[ – / L / D ]

trek trail huai hee
trek trail nam hoo

Day 2: Trek 2 days in Mae Hong Son

After breakfast, we will drop off luggage that is not used for trekking. The trekking team will pick you up around 8:30 am and drive you to the starting point.

The details of the trekking will follow Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son program that shows 3 routes inner to choose one destination. Please see the link below when you have some free time.

across the creek
Across the creek several times.

What to bring

How to prepare and what to bring will be shown on the itinerary to be done in advance.

The trekking program has different routes. You should study a few basic details and will stay overnight in a homestay. You can prepare before going on the trek from our blogs.

Notes: If you prefered the multiday trekking for 3 – 6 days. The price and itinerary will vary depending on the program you choose.

[ B / L / D ]

trek tour kit sunset
Coffee after the trek with Kit.

Day 3: Back to Mae Hong Son after trek

The trekking will be finished in the town, you will return to Sang Tong Huts and be free at leisure. When it’s dinner time, we will take you to a delicious meal at the restaurant well-known by the locals. The Salween Restaurant is a top of reviews by tourists. Then shopping on walking street or get a drink that you prefer.

[ B / L / D ]

trek tour pang oung
Pang Oung Park and Reservoir.

Day 4: City Tour Mae Hong Son

Get on the ride with a long-tail boat along the Pai River to visit Longneck Karen. And then go up the north route to a relaxing walk under the pine shade and the beautiful scenery reservoir at Pang Oung Park.

Visit the Chinese village at the Thai-Myanmar border. Having lunch with the traditional Yunan food together with the famous “Shing Shing” and “U-Long” Chinese tea.

trek tour rak thai sam lor
Activity around Rak Thai village.

Afternoon, stop by Mud Spa to relax in the natural hot spa pool at Phu Clone Country Club. It is optional, you can choose to use various services such as facial mask, body wrap, and Foot or Thai massage services are available.

Spend the rest of the day by walking on the bamboo bridge Su Tong Pae. And then back to Sang Tong Huts and again we will have dinner at a hidden restaurant that is amazing.

[ B / L / D ]

green view
Highland farm along the way.

Round II

You can select the destination from 2 routes to go onward:

Mae Chaem

It is a district that depends on Chiang Mai. Located in the south and behind Doi Inthanon. It is a small rural and peaceful town in the valley with many local accommodations on the hills surrounding the town.

hug khao at mae chaem homestay
Hug Khao at Mae Chaem Homestay and Camping.

Day 5: Mae Hong Son to Mae Chaem

Day 6: Chiang Mai and end of services

Notes: You can also add one more night to stay at Hug Khao Inthanon to spend more time around Doi Inthanon. (Please notify us to modify the itinerary.)

End of services

mae sariang mountain view
Overlooking Mae Sariang town.

Mae Saraing

It is one of the seven districts south of Mae Hong Son. In the past, it was a prosperous port and forestry industry. Most of the population is Tai Yai and Karen.

Day 5: Mae Hong Son to Mae Saraing

Day 6: Chiang Mai and end of services

End of services

A summary of tour and trek

Summary of trips along the route for each day to go on tour and trek Mae Hong Son. However, the routes can be designed to meet your holiday plan.

Day 1 – 4
  • Day 1: Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son
  • Day 2: Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son
  • Day 3: Back to Mae Hong Son after trekking
  • Day 4: Day Trip relaxing

Choose A or B to onward days 5 – 6.

A : Mae Chaem
  • Day 5: Mae Hong Son to Mae Chaem
  • Day 6: Chiang Mai and end of services
B : Mae Saraing
  • Day 5: Mae Hong Son to Mae Saraing
  • Day 6: Chiang Mai and end of services

General Advice for Trekking.

Elevation:ASL 300-1,200 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 6 – 7 hours
Specifications will vary depending on the program you choose.
  • Mae Hong Son Loop
  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking Activities


We will make a special offer for a private group or family. For any items that you prefer please advise your preferences while the requirements.

Remarks : They reserve the right to change their tour plan when and where necessary in the interests of the safety of the clients. / Times can be changeable due to unforeseen circumstances like the weather. / All itineraries and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

car with a driver
A car is suitable for mountain roads.

What costs included



trek tour chang coffee
Paddy rice field during green season.

When is the best time?

I strongly recommend doing a tour and trek Mae Hong Son from May til Feb. It would be great and good weather. Although there are some difficulties during the rainy September and October.

May – AugGreen SeasonGood
Sep – OctRainingDifficulty
Nov – FebCool SeasonExcellent
Mar – AprHot SeasonDo Nothing

Get started

You can send an email to us through the contact form on the website below once you’ve outlined your vacation itinerary. We will respond with a confirmation by the local travel agency.

    Anything else?

    The trekking program starts in Mae Hong Son with daily departures of at least 2 people. You should arrive here one day before the trek.

    Homestay provided sleeping kits based on the local equipment such as soft mats, pillows, mosquito nets, and blankets, which you can see on “Get to know homestay and village when go on trek.”

    Where to leave your luggage?

    To be sure, prepare your items in a backpack and you will have the ability to carry them on your own. Other luggage can be left at the hotel or the travel agent’s office. If the trek is not loopback, unused luggage will be delivered to the next destination by the trek team.

    deliver luggage
    Drop your luggage unused.

    If you had a trip planner before and after visiting in Mae Hong Son, which started from/to Chiang Mai. Please consider using our services “yeschiangmai.com.”


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