La Tasca

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Homemade pizza and pasta

This cozy place has been serving homemade pasta and pizza for as long as we can remember. La Tasca is one of the few places in town to do relatively authentic Western food.

It certainly won’t be something you’ll compare to your favorite pizza. You may be here for a light lunch. Order to share a pizza, just enough for the two of you.

They have a wide range of selections for pizzas and pastas. I often came out for lunch, and I tried vegetarian pizza and pasta. It was nicely prepared and tasted good. Very tasty homemade pasta with simple but yummy sauces.

Only pizza?

They serve Thai cuisine. You can also order some local Thai food from the menu. You will have dinner here several nights.

la tasca menu

I went out for lunch with my friend Rafael while visiting Mae Hong Son (2019). I ordered spaghetti and spring rolls to share with my friend. Rafael is a vegetarian and he ordered Thai food and Chinese Kale with Coarse Rice.

koon and rafael

Delicious food and the most wonderful spring roll I have ever had. Crispy with sweet sauces. The menu is nicely priced. Not too much on the higher side.

spaghetti and spring roll

I definitely recommend this place for lovely pizza and friendly service in the heart of town. She always serves with a smile. [She’s really friendly and really helpful.] You will go again, and I will go back whenever I am in Mae Hong Son.

chinese kale

Where is location

It has a pleasant atmosphere and is located near the lake in the center of town and nearby the post office. No air-condition, I loved that. I choose a seat in front of shop along the sidewalk and watching the people go by from afternoon when shadow shade has come.

The shop opposite 77 House which is the restaurant, is the nicest one in the town. Should you select one?


It may be difficult to park the car. Just turning a bit into the roadway down the lake and parking beside the post office is better.

Check it out for more reviews on Tripadvisor and find out about more restaurants in Mae Hong Son.


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