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Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Beginner and exercise

Introducing easy half-day and 1-day mini trekking trails and details of programs for family recreation. The route can be taken on its own or taken by a guide.

what to bring for trekking

1. Mini Trekking Huai Pu Kaeng

Ride a longtail boat for 30 min along the Pai River to Huai Pu Kaeng Village and start hiking with a local guide for 2 hours. You will walk along the riverbank to Baan Nam Pieng Din.

In this program, you can visit the long-necked Karen way of life for an additional fee. This trip will take approximately 3-4 hours.

Recommend: If you don’t have an English-speaking guide go along with you. There should be good coordination in advance which can be contacted at Ban Huai Dua Pier.


Enjoy trekking along the “Pai River.” The beautiful river views, living lifestyle, and natural surroundings.


Elevation:ASL 300 m.
Fitness:Good Physical
Length:Walking 2 hours

  • Ride a longtail boat along Pai River
  • Easy walk along the river and through a small village
  • A visit to the Longneck Karen can be combined.

trek trail

2. Mae Sa Kut Waterfall Trail

Mae Sa Kut is located on the boundary of Mae Surin National Park and also is the name of the Karen Village which moved from the deep jungle. It will take approximately 4 hours depending on your speed walk and spending time with nature.

You can contact us if you need a trekking guide and food arrangements for a picnic at the waterfall. If you want to go on your own, you can pay the entrance fee at the checkpoint and walk following the signs.

But you shouldn’t travel alone because trekking is prohibited like scuba diving, we should not go alone and must have a buddy every time.


3. Kung Mai Sak Nature Walk

This trail can be arranged upon your preferred 2 – 6 hours and easy walk for beginners. Mr.Lala is a trekking guide who is a specialist in this area.

He provides many options that you needed. This trail is far from the city 20 minutes and the path is a basic walk under the shadow tree. They also have a variety of plants and a good scenic view.

4. Plogging Baan Nai Soi

One of the problem trail about tash along the way. We can do activitiy for plogging. Walking a path that villagers walk between 2 villages to go to work daily.

This path can create walking, exercise, and garbage collection activities for a good environment. Although we have tried to make awareness for the society.

what to bring baggage

5. Trek with woman guide

Ped is only one female trekking guide in Mae Hong Son. If you are a lady solo traveler, you can join her. The path she often walks on the west bank of the Pai River. It can be designed for 2-3 routes according to the duration. There is beautiful nature and the route is not too steep.

6. Walk with B-G

B-G is a Karen man who lives in a village near the city. He can take you 1 day trekking from his village to Fern Resort. The trail goes along the hill foot and is not steep. He also takes you to trek along the creek around his village.


  1. Do not trekking alone.
  2. GPS may be inaccurate and cannot be done according to shared items.
  3. Study the route before traveling and have a guide with you.
  4. Wear trekking clothes and good shoes.
  5. Prepare food, snacks, and drinking water.

Tips for safety

If you have children and the number of groups is more than 3-4 people, it is advisable to go with a guide and they should have a helper.

For water walks and rainy paths, we recommend bringing a nice pair of hiking sandals with good toe protection. See “Trekking Shoes” on the page for more information. What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son

To be sure, prepare your items in a backpack and you will have the ability to carry them on your own. Other luggage can be left at the hotel or the travel agent’s office for unused luggage after the trek.

Walked at a moderate pace, not too fast or too slow.


Each person’s offer is not the same. Depends on expenses such as duration, meals, and transportation. The cost will be divided into the price per person.

What include


What to bring

Belongings for a mini trek

Make an appointment

When you want to go trekking please contact us in advance. I will recommend travel agencies or guides to meet you.

The guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or at the meeting time to check readiness, and provide a short briefing, and items on the itinerary, which will include payment.


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