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Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Get more explore Mae Hong Son

Hire a car with a driver for a small group of 2 – 3 people to go on a day trip to Mae Hong Son. Mr. Nong is a driver and provides car service to drive you around there.

With a low fixed cost and the freedom to relax as you travel, this is one of the best deals in Mae Hong Son. You’ll probably find you can get a lot more done each day than you thought.

Nong Car Service Mae Hong Son

Mr. Nong is a local who has worked in tourism and has enough knowledge of the area to keep you safe and comfortable, despite his limited English skills. Just speaking slower would be fine.

A car service model

A car that comes with a warranty on maintenance. His vehicle is a white Toyota Hilux, 4 door VN Turbo. Enjoy a comfortable a modern air-conditioned private car for 3 passengers. And a little bit tight for 4 passengers if it’s flexible.

Even though his car has a pickup in the back and it can be sitting that Thai people often to do. It seems that it is not followed the proper procedures for traveling. Usually, we use it to travel in some cases within the short distance.

Nong Car Service Mae Hong Son


Moreover, Mr. Nong is an experienced driver with appropriate training. He’ll be able to help you with smaller decisions during the trip. Because he has a lot of local knowledge. You can hire a car for one or more days to take you around Mae Hong Son.


Depending on where you want to go and how long you want to travel, For example, you might want to spend a half-day in the morning visiting Longneck Karen Village and stopping at an interesting location along the way.

The price will be charged at 800 THB. As a result, you can split the cost among your friends or invite others to join. You will be offered a lower price or be willing to accept a higher price for a private group.

Petrol and transportation only*

Lunch, entry fees, and personal expenses.


3,000 THBFull DayLong Neck Tribe (Ban Huai Sua Tao) – Ban Rak Thai (Chinese Village) – Pang Uang (Shan Village) – Tomato Village (Hmong and Shan Tribe)
Nong Car Service Mae Hong Son

He cannot respond by email. So I made a page for booking online services available here. Just click on the image “BOOK NOW” below.

If you’re looking for a car rental with a driver to get to Mae Hong Son from Chiang Mai, I recommend checking out

Enjoy total flexibility in your plans. No need to think about driving regulations. You’ll have more time while you’re on the road with an experienced local driver.

Just plan your trip and feel free to contact us.


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