Northern Hill Guesthouse

Last Updated on May 19, 2024

Lovely restaurants and accommodations.

Northern Hill Guesthouse was the first pioneering accommodation group in Soppong. They are located on Route 1095 and laid out on a small hillside.

Starting from a small guesthouse that is supplementary to the main occupation. Which in the past was very quiet and opposite the shortcut to Tham Lot [Lod Cave]. Now, Northern Hill Guesthouse runs full-time.

northern hill d2

The old day journey

Backpacker travel starting from Chiang Mai requires a night bus on route 108 via Mae Sariang or a minibus via Pai on route 1095. They will choose to stay for at least 7 days, depending on their preferences and budget.

And then, mostly, they will cross to Laos and return to the beach in the south of Thailand again before the end of the trip.

northern hill coffee area

Many years ago, there were not many guesthouses for backpackers who could stay in Thailand. At the beginning of accommodations for tourists, there were only Jungle Guesthouse and 2-3 other places.

Sop Pong is the original name and destination of freedom-loving travelers. At present, Sop Pong has been upgraded to Pang Mapha District.

northern hill d1

A small guesthouse with an atmosphere

Just 1 hour if you travel by road from Pai or almost 2 hours from Mae Hong Son. It is peaceful, not luxurious or fancy. Yes, it’s good to rest, and the price is not expensive.

Generally classified as a natural accommodation, the front is a garden and parking space. Walking up the stairs is a restaurant zone where you can sit in an air-conditioned room or on a balcony to view the surrounding area.

Next up are bungalow-style accommodations along the slope. You will have to walk up through the gardens and rock. I like the hotel layout, external environment, and garden very much.

northern hill c4

How many room types and rates

Of course, you have to choose an air-conditioned room, but it’s so cold late at night that you have to get up and turn off the air conditioner.

The room is good for me, but the bathroom roof is a little low and a bit tight.

  • Fan: 300 THB
  • Air-conditioned: 500 THB
northern hill c5


  • Shared
    • Access WiFi
    • Parking
  • Specific
    • TV
    • Hot shower
    • Air Condition
    • Refrigerators and drinking water
    • Toiletries and towels
    • Closet and clothes hangers
northern hill food


ADDRESS: 339 M1 Sop Pong, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son, 58150
TEL: 053617136

restaurrant terrace

Why stay here?

The real travelers look for peace and simplicity. Of course, this place is completely different from Pai, both in the social environment and the small community, which can reflect and inspire imagination in the past. You will immerse yourself in what you see on your trip.


What nearby?

Tham Lod or Lod Cave is a highlight that must not be missed when visiting. You can find information on visiting Tham Lod in my article.

And if you have a motorcycle, you will be able to travel around Sop Pong in various villages. Have fun.

northern hill restaurant

Delicious food at an inexpensive price

The restaurant has great views, is delicious and fresh, and has home-grown vegetables. The good location, right near the turn to go to Lod Cave. You can stop for lunch on our way before/after the Lod Cave.

Not only was the food cheap and delicious, but there was also free WiFi and air conditioning to give you a break from the heat.

noodles soup

There is a variety of food and many types to choose from. Especially healthy food, including one dish, steak, and pan-fried egg salad. I prefer homemade pizzas that are medium-thick and soft. Adding cheese is very tasty.

The restaurant is delicious and has very good prices, recommended, best for Pang Mapha.

pad kra pao with boil eeg

What else

The owner is sincere and doesn’t encourage staying at his resort. But allow me to see Baan Ja Bo first, where it is a trend for Thai tourists to watch the morning mist.

I said, “I’m not going there, I’ve seen many of the mists, and it’s enough for me.

Khun Phirom is very welcoming to everyone, speaks English well, and has friendly staff. They are so kind and helpful. His daughter was nice and spoke perfect English too.

The service was wonderful! Terrific experience! I highly recommend stopping by and letting’s try it.


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