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6 Days Adventure Trekking To Pai

Operated by Chan Nature Walks

Advanced trekking from Mae Hong Son to Pai 6 days, there are only a small number of tourists who make it through this difficulty level each year. Although some groups have to cancel halfway. You don’t necessarily have to be very physically fit, just often exercise when you have free time. I’ve been through this trip and am ready to take you.

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Exploring Lod Cave

A huge cave

Lod Cave, or Tham Lod, is a huge cave system that, once a place of residence for prehistoric man, discovered ancient clay pottery and several carved wooden coffins inside the rooms of the cave.

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Where to rent a motorbike

Rent and ride keep left

There are just three motorcycle rental shops in Mae Hong Son. Let’s examine what types of motorcycles you like to ride and rent a motorbike. Mae Hong Son appeared to be unlike Pai, where backpackers abound and motorcycles are the primary method of transportation.

Before renting a motorbike please read the Big Note and Caution below.

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What to do and spent a week in Mae Hong Son

For the good time

Based on my personal experience and interactions with tourists, this is the most popular idea while traveling in Mae Hong Son. Even if you never return, you will want to come back. During your visit here, make sure you don’t miss out on any memorable moments.

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