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77 House

A casual place

The restaurant closed permanently due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

77 House’s Wine, Coffee and Food has a long in keyword. The name by a long keyword to searching. This restaurant has a colourful decor and a lovely atmosphere. This is an ideal place to come and relax for awhile and enjoy some delicious food.

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Pizza Primavera

A little Italia and beers

This restaurant is pretty nice and the pizza is good for an Italian taste. Really impressive to find this restaurant maintaining such high standards in such a remote location.

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Baan Song Thai

Make better food for everyone

The top 10 restaurants in Mae Hong Son. Baan Song Thai Restaurant est. 1994, Since same owner. Lacated outskrit the town 2 km. Baan Song Thai is mean traditional Thai architecture of Thai house and made of teak and hard wood. Continue reading…

Fern Resort

Nature lovers

Fern Resort is located on the edge of Mae Surin Waterfall National Park. It is about 7 kilometers out of the town of Mae Hong Son. Fern Resort is nestled in a small valley. Surrounded by forest-covered mountains and rice paddies.

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Lod Cave 1 day by taxi service

Biggest Cave

Lod Cave is a biggest cave in Thailand and far from Muang, Mae Hong Son 75 km on the north. It’s take about 1 h 40 min to Soppong directly. On the way, there are things to do which we will stop for tourist. Please enjoyable journey with our safe taxi service team.

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Crossroads House

A cozy wooden guesthouse

Service-minded is the key of successful, this guesthouse get the number one reviews about staff on and all the guests reviews and talk about the owners were really friendly. She is a very nice and helpful who speaks good English.

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Fly with Nok Air

We fly smiles

Due to the goverment’s covid-19 preventon measures. All airlines will be extending the temporary suspension of operation on all domestic flights. We will an update timetable flights when as its regulars situation and hope to resume operations as soon.

This is the best choice to save your time to visit Mae Hong Son if you have a planner trip for minimum 4 days and compare with traveling by bus. You have a little bit more closer to Mae Hong Son.

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