The Blog travel to Mae Hong Son

Coffee Morning

Freshly brewed coffee and a charming little guesthouse

Freshly brewed coffee greets you as you awake. Coffee Morning serves excellent coffee and has a pleasant atmosphere.

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Piya Guesthouse

A nice little pool

Piya Guesthouse has a great location and facilities. One is a nice little swimming pool in the garden. The chalets set around the edge of the garden are well laid out and come with small terraces with views of the garden, which is well maintained throughout.

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Mae Rong Son Restaurant

A hidden gem in the town

Yes, Mae Rong Son restaurant, we did not spell it wrong. Thais pronounce “Rong” but the northern Thai accent is toned higher at “Hong”. Let’s try to learn the Thai accent.

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Nong car service

Get more explore Mae Hong Son

Hire a car with a driver for a small group of 2 – 3 people to go on a day trip to Mae Hong Son. Mr. Nong is a driver and provides car service to drive you around there.

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Jong Kham View

Mini-resort and excellent value

Jong Kham View is a top choice in town, despite having only 10 rooms. It is cute and well-appointed, with a well-kept garden. This is another that’s worth reserving in advance year-round.

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Van rental with driver

Mae Hong Son team

Taking a van rental with a driver to Mae Hong Son is a good option. Going on a tour is popular and convenient. The driver is a native who has worked in tourism and has the necessary knowledge to take you wherever you want to go.

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La Tasca

Homemade pizza and pasta

This cozy place has been serving homemade pasta and pizza for as long as we can remember. La Tasca is one of the few places in town to do relatively authentic Western food.

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Little Good Things

Refresh your soul in Mae Hong Son

I discovered this gem of a place in Mae Hon Son. My bad friend is Mu Crossroads Bar Let me get a bunch today (breakfast and lunch) at “Little Good Things” to clean up and detox after we drank too much last night.

The restaurant closed permanently due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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77 House

A casual place

77 House’s Wine, Coffee, and Food has a long list of keywords. To search for a name, use a lengthy keyword. This restaurant has a colorful decor and a lovely atmosphere. 77 House is an ideal place to come and relax for awhile and enjoy some delicious food.

The restaurant closed permanently due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pizza Primavera

A little Italia and beers

For an Italian taste, Pizza Primavera is good. This restaurant is pretty nice and it’s really impressive to find this restaurant maintaining such high standards in such a remote location.

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