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Fern Restaurant

Bai Fern [Thai]

Fern Restaurant [Bai Fern] 32th Anniversary in 2019, this is a restaurant well known for tourist and the oldest restaurants in town. Thai and European food are available. Continue reading…

Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son

Nature walks 2 days Mae Hong Son

For easy walk and take a photo trip enjoy the nature, not rush to walk. For trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son is a good condition to add on and 1 night is full fill your trip as perfect. Just try to add add this instead when you plan to visit Mae Hong Son.

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Su Tong Pae

Bamboo Bridge

About 20 minutes north of Mae Hong Son town. This 500 m. bamboo bridge, whose name means successful prayer. It was built in 2012 purportedly to link a hill-top temple to the village itself.

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Salween River

Fantastic Thai and Burmese food

In the middle of the cute small town in Northern Thailand by the name of Mae Hong Son. You will find Salween River Restaurant and super thankful that you’ve got it. A lovely restaurant in a great location and deserving of their top rating.
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Hern Home

Lovely & Cozy

A nice place and pleasant design overall. I like comfy leather chairs outdoor and drinking more than dining even tasty food. Neither expensive not cheap, if you are not compare with other options. Continue reading…