Pen Cave Homestay

Sweet & Salty

Pen Cave Homestay is the perfect spot to laid back and let yourself dreaming about the things. Excellent accommodation and the facilities have been built to a high standard with no expense spared.

Pen Cave Homestay since the last 20 Years. Enjoying a real true deep Northern Thai experience in our Jungle, close to the nature and the locals lifestyle.

The aroma of the fresh coffee could be smelled halfway down the road. Drinking up and facing the rising sun, seated on a wooden deck is a real delight. The delicious food cooked by the host and her name is “Pen”. Anyone that decides to stay will not be disappointed.

They grows organic Veges and fruits in the garden behind the kitchen
and surely smell the scents and see the beauty of the local flora, including many beneficial herbs and medicinal plants used by the locals for centuries.


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