Photo tour and trek with Koon

Nowhere Man

Noboby know as much who is he indeed, you will know after trip when go with him. Where he came from or what did he do. He always walking and riding a bike in the town with a cloth shopping bag.

Hi there … I’m Koon. I’m a lisence tourist guide, I worry too much before go on trip in everytime. Thinking about evrything to doing done as perfect. Preparing and doing homework a lot. And when the day begin, I feel I have a freedom and glad to traveling. That’s a reason why I’m still working here.

The first step when I get into the jungle, I feel freedom and love to walk in the deep forest as much as. Awesome, I do not worry to lose the way if we have food supplies [some] and drinking water enough even we found the hiding food and the fresh water in the forest.

Photo tour and trek is the same regular programs for tourist but we have objective to doing more journey. We will appreciate to sight seeing in anything and get some a good memorial back to the one is belove by photograph.

Do not hestiate to contact us if you only have moblie camera or whatever. Getting and doing how to shooting a nice shot.

Create the world by your hand and adventure.

Nowhere man don’t worry … Take your time, don’t hurry …


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