Photo tour and trek with Koon

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Beyond the trees

You will enjoy taking pictures on the way we walk. A little things on the ground, flora and fuana, the beautiful scenery and the sunset shot. Koon will lead you see and take photo the way of life in the village where you stay overnight.

In addition to trekking, you will enjoying nature by capturing photos and stories of the forest along the way. There’s an amazingly and make a trip valuable. It’s better than you walked past and do nothing.

shopping bag

About Koon

Hi there … I’m Koon. I’m a license tourist guide,

Nobody know as much who is me indeed, I always hang around the town by walking or cycling with a cloth shopping bag. You probably will know me after finish a trip.

wild flower on the ground

Everytime, I feel so happy at the first step I walk into the forest. Probably, Staying in the city is boring for me. Basically, if I don’t have to preparing the hiking stuff for my customers, I often carry my camera and lens that can be capture every moment in one second along with me.

lovely dogs

I like to shoot all events that happen on the trail, such as birds or insects that rarely appear or even seasonal flowers. I have to grab the camera to take pictures immediately.

But we didn’t waste much time with photography. We walked at a moderate step, not too fast or too slow and appreciate the sound of nature.

rice field in the valley

Where we trek

Photo tour and trek is the same regular programs for tourist but we have objective to doing more journey. We will appreciate to sight seeing in anything and get some a good memorial back to the one is belove by photograph.

photo shoot on the way

Therefore, whatever types of cameras for photography you have such as mobile camera, mirrorless or DSLR. Don’t worry about that, we will learning by doing how to shooting a nice shot. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Make your own sunshine and do things that make you happy.

Nowhere man don’t worry … Take your time, don’t hurry …


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