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Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Beyond the trees

On our photo tour and trek, you’ll have a lot of fun snapping pictures. The breathtaking scenery, the sunset shot, and the small items on the ground, including flora and fuana. Koon will take you to observe and photograph the way of life in the village where you will be spending the night.

Along with trekking, you’ll be able to enjoy nature by taking photos and telling stories about the forest. There’s an incredible way to make a journey worthwhile. It’s preferable to you walking by and doing nothing.

trek trail

What about photo tour and trek

The photo tour and trek are standard tourist activities, but we want to go on additional excursions. We will value sight-seeing at all times and provide a fitting memorial for the photographer.

Just took a leisurely stroll, not going too fast or too slowly, and listening to the sounds of nature.

To do a picture tour plus hiking, regular programs are used, such as a full-day excursion, a two-day trek, or a three-day trek. It could be tailored to your specific vacation.

photo tour and trek with koon
photo with koon gb

Why we do photo tour and trek programs

The photo tour will move slowly, and it will take a long time to get to each destination. Because we need to look for a good perspective photograph and a good photo opportunity. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep various travel groups apart.

Many people may be hesitant to photograph villages or children going about their daily lives. If you have a tour guide, they will give you recommendations and assist you in communicating. The villagers were delighted to be a part of the voyage and visit.

tour and trek with gb

You can also hire a local guide or villagers who are experts in bird-watching, botanical or naturalistic photography, as well as additional porters, to transport your photographic equipment.

As a result, whatever type of camera you have for photography, whether it’s a smartphone camera, a mirrorless camera, or a DSLR, Don’t worry, we’ll learn how to shoot a good shot by doing it ourselves. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

take photo

About Koon

I always hang around the town by walking or cycling with a cloth shopping bag. I often carry my camera and lens that can be capture every moment in one second along with me.

My priority work is also as a tour operator, but if it’s not busy, I usually go with a tour group too. Probably, staying in the city is boring for me.

take photo wild flower on the ground

The first step when I get into the jungle, I feel freedom and love to walk in the deep forest as much as. That’s a reason why I’m still love to working here.

trek to take photo lovely dogs

I like to go hiking and take pictures of things that happen on the trail. Because what you see will be different birds, trees, plants, wild orchids that rarely appear, or even seasonal flowers, animals, insects, and weather conditions of each month you visit. The scenery will change all the time. It’s never boring to do this job of quickly grabbing the camera and taking pictures.

Explore the world by your hand and adventure.

trek through rice field in the valley

Notes :

I am not currently residing in Mae Hong Son. Please make an appointment in advance if you require our activities. Covid-19 has hit it all hard. I have therefore moved and am living with my family to save money while waiting to return to work.

Although I’ve sold all my photography gear. But I can still take you trekking and take photos with my smartphone camera.

photo shoot on the way

If you are looking to buy a new camera, then this guide can help you pick the right camera. See 12 Different Types Of Cameras for you in 2022.

Make your own sunshine and do things that make you happy.

Nowhere man don’t worry … Take your time, don’t hurry …


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