Pizza Primavera

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

A little Italia and beers

For an Italian taste, Pizza Primavera is good. This restaurant is pretty nice and it’s really impressive to find this restaurant maintaining such high standards in such a remote location.

I usually sit in the outdoor zone and drink up the best beer. This restaurant is air-conditioned to keep out the heat of Mae Hong Son because it is one of the hottest places in Thailand during the summer.

Everything about Pizza Primavera is excellent. If you want real Italian-style food, this is the place to come. They also serve excellent beer, whisky, and wine, and they have good desserts, too.

The owner is a foreigner and has trained Thai employees. He also has another restaurant in the Khao San area of Bangkok named Cafe Primavera, Pizza & Jazz. He also sells roasted coffee beans by his own recipe to support hill tribe communities.

Well, if you come to Mae Hong Son, Thai food may not be necessary for every meal. You might be thinking about other foods. Come and try the pizza made here by a Thai chef. Come out to enjoy your meal in the perfect place. Cheers!

Open: Daily 10:00 a.m.–09:00 p.m.
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In Mae Hong Son, there are 3 restaurants that have a famous pizza recipe that’s very delicious and distinctive. One is Pizza Primavera, Crossroads Bar, and La Tasca. For this shop, I focus on all-inclusive dining for special occasions. At the other 2 restaurants, I prefer to chill out and hang around.


If you’re not interested in pizza, or if you’re not full yet, Try looking for popular restaurants here.


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