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Last Updated on April 22, 2023

Lake view @ like view

Another option in the style of a small family-run guesthouse. The Like View Guesthouse is the name that causes confusion, but it is correct. It is a place near the Jong Kham area and stands out as being the best one with a beautiful lake view.

The Like View Guesthouse is located along Udom Chao Nithet Road, where most guesthouses around here are located.

entry to the like view guesthouse
Entrance and location

The reception is in front of a small wooden house with a seating area, a kitchen and a family daytime living room where the friendly owners serve coffee, cold drinks, breakfast and simple meal options as well as dish out travel advice and ticketing assistance.

viewing from the like view guesthouse
Enjoy the view

Overlooking the guesthouse terrace

Upstairs, sit on the bamboo furniture set with a cup of coffee or a cold drink. See the beautiful scenery by the lake (swamp) through the temples and mountains in the background. If you stay in a room on the second floor, it’s so cool.

By the way, please ask to know the activities of the festival in high season before booking. Because events like the Loy Krathong Festival, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve make a lot of noise until late at night. There would be no problem if you had reached an agreement and joined the local method.

room available the like view guesthouse

How to book.

She had an online booking service for Expedia and Hotels. If online doesn’t work, it is just a 5-minute walk to find out more or search by our tags: Guesthouse.

room service by the like view guesthouse

For more info, please visit her home page here.


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