Tips for planning an affordable family holiday

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Enjoy family holiday in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is a popular of dream destination to enjoy with family holiday’s but most of tourist they don’t know how long should be travels and how many budgets will they pay.

Here’s some ideas for planning a family hoilday on a budget and cut the costs without missing out on any of the fun.

At the beginning, how you thought about the weather conditions and when is the best time to go. Find out more later here “The best time to visit Mae Hong Son” for a perfect family hoilday at a budget-friendly price.


Planning travel on a weekday

If you travel during a high-season, planning travel on a weekday is a perfect family hoilday. At least, you will avoid crowd and high rate.

Travel by train

Mae Hong Son has no trains. But you can take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It’s a trip that kids will love and romantic about train travel at an affordable price. But it can be a hassle for parents if it’s a long-distance trip on the sleeper train, it took almost 12 hours overnight.

Book mid-week for domectic flights

Mae Hong Son is a rural town that is difficult to reach there. Although there are airlines during the high season that means you’ll have to add expenses for optional. Consider travel on mid-week instead of on Friday or Saturday and booking in advance for better rates.

Hire a car with driver

They will help you anything while traveling. Hire a car with English speaking driver is a good idea. It’s save and safe rather than drive by yourself.

Check it out for rent a car with driver. Available for short and long-term if you start from Chiang Mai. And for book other services in Mae Hong Son please contact us.

Booking accommodation

Think outside the traditional hotel room

Mae Hong Son have no or Airbnb. Just only a tiny guesthouse with 3 – 4 rooms, it can be require to book all for it for discounted. And some guesthouses where have various of room types and different price. It may be an optional.

Get offer promotion

Sometimes, taking advantage of a small promotion can cut down on some travel expenses. Although in fact, we need a real worth that is a resonable price.

Look for activities included accommodation

Most things to do in Mae Hong Son is trekking. They also have various tour programs included homestay and foods. Perhaps, it help you skip managing your accommodation or just trimming some extra expenses.

Tours and activities

Search on a weekday

This may not always be the case when booking around the holidays, but the point is that rates and availability change throughout the week. At least, it helps to compare prices at different times to find the best deals.

Choose tour companies

In some cases, when you contact tour companies directly. It may have the best deals than contact affilitate sites. They waive children cost for a certain number of travellers. Sometimes, an offer promotional family holiday that you will not find on affiliate sites.

Look for discounted vacation packages

The local tour companies have a special packages for the target group in each section. Family group is important target because of a certain number and have the opportunity to use other services.

Take advantage of off-peak pricing

Just go there very early or very late in the season. Your best chance for discounts are with shoulder season bookings. Companies are more willing to slash prices, since they’re not as likely to fill up, especially late in the season.


Plan ahead with food

Plan to finding with yourself to traditional restaurants or famous local in your travel budget. Mae Hong son has many an ordinary food shop on the way you’re going. Or stay at a hotel included breakfast to save ​the cost of one meal per day.

Book early

The earlier you book, the better. Tour companies often have limited discount spots and they sell out quickly. Early birds booking are also more likely to find seats on sale flights.

Book in last minute

Alternatively, you can book last minute. It’s risky, but if there’s still space, they may be willing to give it to fill remaining spots. I always found a promotion in last minute is the best deal.

Do what you love

With a little creativity and planning, you can travel without missing out on any of the fun on a budget and save time.

Some vacation destinations can be even more charming, more relaxing and definitely less expensive during times when fewer fellow tourists are around.

Have a good trip.


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