Tips for planning an affordable family holiday

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Family trip

Here’s some ideas for planning a family vacation on a budget and cut the costs without missing out on any of the fun. To get some ideas before your travel.

  • Look for discounted vacation packages.
  • Search on a weekday.
  • Take advantage of off-peak pricing.
  • Book mid-week flights.
  • Double-check online travel sites.
  • Cut back on little extras.
  • Think outside the traditional hotel room.

That’s a tips. But you have to do homework more especially if you planned to visit Mae Hong Son. This province is a unique of Northern Thailand with 95% consist the mountain and take a long time to reach. This is a popular of dream destination and most of tourist they don’t know how long should be travels and how many budgets will they pay.

3 tips save cost for a small family travels

1. Rent a car with baby seat.

  • Please make sure you are exprienced to drive on road twist and turn.
  • You will have a space for many baby’s luggage and kid’s comfortable.

2. Hire a car with driver

  • You will have a spending time more to shared your family and especially if you have 2 kids up.
  • The destination will be cover as much as you need to be there.

3. Buying tour

  • This is a last choice if you have not any ideas.

For any requirement please feel free to contact us.

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