Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son

Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Nature walks 2 days Mae Hong Son

Trekking in Mae Hong Son for 2 days is appropriate for everyone who wants to enjoy and explore the jungle. A wonderful landscape and a closer relationship with nature.

You’ll also learn how to stay alive in the jungle and live with hill tribe villagers in a valley surrounded by a diverse forest.

As you walk through the forest, take in the scenery and snap a photo. Two days of trekking is the ideal amount of time to complete your journey. If you’re visiting Mae Hong Son, make sure to include this on your itinerary.

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This two-day trekking trip in Mae Hong Son is suitable for people of all fitness levels and genres. A typical day’s walk lasts 5 to 6 hours. You will learn about the flora and fauna.

We have three hiking programs to recommend, ranging from beginner to advanced, and all of them are flexible and adaptable to your children. Learning to walk, live, and survive in the jungle is an enjoyable experience.

I’m confident that Mae Hong Son is the last and best option for a trekking trip. This is a great place to start if you want to learn how to walk in the jungle and survive. For beginners, the trekking trail offers a variety of alternative trips.

The trip can be customized from a beginner to an advanced level. We offer trekking for people of all fitness levels to enjoy beautiful scenery in the mountainous and tropical forest. You can also use a travel agency to plan your private group. Alternatively, you can go trekking with a specialist local guide.

Trekking through jungles, across landscapes, and among the hill tribes of Mae Hong Son. A wonderful feature of this adventure is spending a couple of nights on trek, in addition to the challenging ascent of San Fah and Doi Pui mountains. And spend the night in a welcoming home in the village, learning more about their culture and traditions with the help of your guide.

trekking 2 days vija

Walk up Doi Vija to Baan Hua Nam

Enjoy a trek up to the mountain “Doi Vija,” also known as “Sergeant Mountain,” which is 1,115 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking panoramic views and natural surroundings.

“Doi Vija” is the only peak in Mae Hong Son’s San Fah Mountainous. This route takes you to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. In general, we walk this route as part of a one-day trekking program. This trekking trail was once a popular local trail, but it is no longer in use, and no tourists visit.


  • Jungle trekking
  • White Karen Village
  • The way of life into reality
  • Walk along the creek
  • Chill out on the terrace with scenery
  • Wonderful viewpoint

trekking 2 days san fah

Trekking 2 days from Doi San Fah to Baan Hua Nam

Trekking along the ridge and visiting the San Fah viewpoint. Enjoy sky trekking at “San Fah,” Mae Hong Son’s highest city viewpoint. The stunning panoramic views and natural surroundings. The trail will take you down to Ban Hua Nam village, where you will spend the night and have a homestay with the Karen family.

Learn more about the culture, snap a photo, and walk around the village. The following day, go for a hike along the creek, which is frequently crossed. Cooking for a picnic lunch in the jungle and swimming.


  • San Fah Viewpoint
  • Mae Hong Son, the highest peak
  • Jungle trekking
  • White Karen Village
  • The way of life into reality
  • Walk along the creek
  • Rice terrace field

trekking 2 days huai po

Trekking 2 days Baan Huai Po loop

We trek through Nam Hu Creek, climb to the top of the mountain, and have lunch at a scenic location. Spend the night in Huai Po, a small Karen village where people still follow the old ways. There are only three families living in this village, each with a pet and a buffalo, and no tourists visit.

It is possible to re-arrange day 1 to day 2 in order to get wet and swim first, depending on your needs. Alternatively, get wet on day 1 and walk down with a nice view on day 2. On the first day, we essentially walk up a steep mountain.


  • Jungle trekking
  • White Karen Village
  • The way of life into reality
  • Walk along the creek
  • Chill out on the terrace with scenery
  • Wonderful viewpoint


Daily departures from Mae Hong Son. Please arrive before the trek date.

The average person walks 6 hours per day.

Moderate and suitable for people in good physical shape.

  • An English-speaking guide and porter
  • Homestays, as mentioned
  • Meals, as mentioned
  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel
  • Entrance fees and permits

How to booking

You can also book a trek with him in advance on this website by clicking on BOOK NOW and receiving more information about the trek.

Shoes or hiking sandals, as well as all personal items, are suggested as items to bring. You can continue reading on the What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son page.

Please keep in mind that all itineraries are subject to change without notice.

Baan Hua Nam and Baan Huay Po, which are connected, are covered by this trekking loop. In fact, they can combine trips and extend their stay to three days, giving them more flexibility.

We walked at a moderate step.

not too fast or too slow

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