Trekking Baan Hua Nam Loop

Last Updated on August 29, 2023

A popular destination on the trekking list

Baan Hua Nam is located on the east side of Mae Hong Son town in a valley with the Doi San Fa mountain range blocking it. That we often make a trekking loop.

The village was a popular destination for trekkers. As it’s a variety of difficult path conditions, beautiful nature, a non-touristic area, a reasonable price, and was not affiliated with any NGO organization.

hua nam doll

The flexible trekking loop

This is a connection area where we can walk and continue to the next destination. The routes are flexible and can be hiked from either the city or Doi San Fa’s starting point.

It can also be connected to hiking through Baan Huai Poh, a three-family house located in a prime location with beautiful views.

One of the reasons to extend or increase the distance and number of hikes in the package as well for those who love nature.

baab hua nam house

Trekking Programs

In this village loop, we can design a duration of 2-3 days starting from many routes such as Walk up Doi Vija to Baan Hua Nam and Trekking 2 days from Doi San Fah to Baan Hua Nam. Both are in the Trekking 2 days in Mae Hong Son posted.

In addition, I have also made trekking posts at 3 Trekking Routes Doi San Fah, which is a combination and details program.

The highlight of this loop is that it can travel on a regular route directly for 2 days and can be mixed with other loops such as the Doi Pui Trekking Loop.

A route that is suitable for families of all ages where you can enjoy trekking, nature, and swimming.

hua nam kitchen

What about trekking Baan Hua Nam?

The Karen communities were related to each other. They are not interested and have no activity in urban society. The villagers like to live in solitude, peacefully farming in a rich environment.

What I love about these two villages is the early morning, when I hear the gibbons singing and walking through creeks along the way.

Baan Hua Nam has a small school, two teachers, and about 15 students that we always visit and talk with each time.

hua nam monk

Simple living

Homestay accommodation in the real style, not decorated. You can choose to stay in several houses according to the occasion.

The vegetables in the kitchen garden around the house, The rice is stocked throughout the year, as is additional food that the guide team brings from town.

baan hua nam bacony

First night impressed

Moreover, Baan Hua Nam is also the first overnight stay on the trekking route to Pai for 6 days and is a village that is impressed by trekkers. The starting point from this village can also be designed to connect to many routes.

If you are interested in this loop. Please see our blogs on trekking for 2 days in Mae Hong Son. For more about trekking, please search by category “trekking” in the articles I’ve created.

Nowadays, even though there is a small road entering the village, it is difficult. At least for emergency travel when sick.

baan hua nam school

Baan Hua Nam community info

TribalWhite Karen
Population20 Family

Another charm that I like and post down at the end. If you’ve read so far. It’s a small elementary school. There are 10-20 students, 2 classrooms, each grade combined by 2 teachers.

I don’t know how long this school will last. Let’s see before losing.

Notes: The number of students varies yearly.

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