Trekking Thailand

A wonderful way to challenge yourself

trekking thailand
trekking thailand

If you’ve dreamed of trekking in the earth’s highest mountain region, this is the perfect place to practice special tricks before you go. Trekking in Thailand is the first step for beginners to practice and get started with a local wisdom technique on how to survive in the jungle.

Trekking is extremely popular among foreign tourists, particularly in Thailand’s northern regions. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone here. Have fun and challenge yourself.

For the reason that they have a diversity of plants, the area consists of complex mountains, the landscape is beautiful scenery, and a lot of different kinds of food are more than needed.

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Trekking along the creek.

The locals are friendly, and various hill tribes are welcome. It has a charming culture and a simple way of life. By the way, the weather conditions are suitable for trekking or hiking here. You also had a lot of fun along the way.

We are Trekking Thailand team

20 years ago, we started making the website “” To support adventure tourists. Later, we gathered a team in Mae Hong Son because the beautiful trekking area is mostly here.

We have improved the route, fixed bugs, and developed activities regularly. We were happy to trek with our clients. Thank you for all being together.

After COVID-19 we have decided to close the website “,” and we are facing financial problems., there was still a little bit of breath left. So I brought the trekking content, team member profile, and detailed program to post and wait for the return to work.

All the staff still want to go hiking and are ready to come back to work, such as Chan Nature Walk, Lala, Por Dee, Pree Cha, Nok, Ped, Noi, Ten, and me.

So, Trekking Thailand Team, we were from here.

So what’s trekking led you to see?

The trekking program brings you over the mountain to see fantastic places. It is led by a local expert guide to see the flora and local fauna on the hill. While walking through the tropical rainforest, mountains, waterfalls, and river valleys, you can also visit hill tribe villages to learn about local life.

You can request jungle camping for 1 to 2 nights, as well as your distance and destination. Some programs include city tours along the way.

Most Chiang Mai itineraries include an elephant show, training, or treatment. You can skip and choose only to walk if you are a private group managing your planning.

And if you want to see a beautiful trail, you’ll have to travel far from the city to a remote and non-touristic area, where you’ll find a tranquil spot in the deep jungle.

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Photo Trek

Before planning to trek in Thailand

You should know the details of the trekking area. To match your needs and travel times. Thailand is geographically diverse, the weather has different conditions in each area, and they each have travel seasons on their own. Therefore, we would like you to know a little about the local background before planning the trek.

Thailand is divided into six geographical regions and has many locations for trekking in each one. I’d recommend reading more and getting to know 3 seasons in Thailand. From the links below, you will know when and where to trek in Thailand.

From our perspective and experience, we are confident that Mae Hong Son is the best place to go trekking. Overall, there is a beautiful landscape and a variety of forests, and the trails have several levels of difficulty.

They make the adventure trip fun and able to trek for all ages in your family. The homestay villages are located far from the prosperity that looked as remote from any road as possible and the villagers are friendly and live an old traditional lifestyle.

trekking in the water
The Cain family was trekking with us.

Let’s see and start the trekking trip according to your plan. And if you are interested in trekking in Mae Hong Son, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The best way to enjoy and discover the beauty of nature at whatever pace you’re comfortable with is to be transported by your own two feet.

We hope to see you soon.