Trekking Mae Hong Son

All about trekking

trek mhs sign
Trekking Trade Mark.

A good opportunity to do trekking when you have a trip to Mae Hong Son. You will learn how to step-walk differently than you have been and survive in the jungle.

The trails offer a variety of alternatives to trekking and step difficulty levels ranging from 1–5 upon your request under good physical health conditions.

trek mhs alisa
We set off into the jungle.

The number of people in groups of 2–8 is perfect. The trail walks up to the hilltop, slopes steeply down to the valley, and crosses the creek (or river). Climbing the rock or walking in the water are similar programs.

trek mhs grill
Grilled on fire.

Your tour guide will prepare food from the town. They will set a cooking menu for each meal. Cooking has a unique style, personality, and character. That is a secret trick of Thai cooking. But all of them are good chefs.

trek mhs homestay
Village and homestay.

The local homestay included basic sleeping tools, a blanket, mat, mosquito net, a shared bathroom, and food. [Get to know homestay and village when go on trek]

The trekking can be arranged to be a safe walk for a family group, have fun, and join with the children. And they also arrange a hard trek for the advanced level.

trek mhs family
Trekking with the kids.

How to book

1. Travel Agency

You can book with a travel agency based in your home country. The program will be screened and appropriately detailed to blend in perfectly with the main travel program. The context of the team must be prepared as important.

Or request to add a trekking program and tours to your itinerary. They will contact me to arrange your preferred.

C&C Travel
ETC Travel
Go Beyond

I have been an operator for an oversea travel agency. These are the names listed as travel agencies that I have worked with as follows. Perhaps they matched on you and are available in your country. Check it out.

2. Book online

I made a booking online page dedicated to our Mae Hong Son colleagues who are unable to access the internet or respond to emails. Trekking and private transportation should be booked in advance.

You can fill in the booking form or affiliate link and let me know what you prefer. We will respond via email as soon as possible.

I’m happy to support the Trekking Thailand team. You can book through this website.

3. Knock door

If you still can’t decide, you can walk in and ask for it from the local travel agency at Walking Street when you arrive in Mae Hong Son. You may get a good price, but you have to accept the service and ability of the team.

trek mhs tour desk
A local trekking agency nearby the lake.
3.1 Who is the provider?

Mae Hong Son has a local small travel agency and not much in the town. Their office is located near the lake when you walk to the night market shopping zone.

The owner is also a tour guide. You can get information directly to arrange your trip. They have a different working style with their staff and porters.

They are the specialist had the experience but different trekking styles. Choose the best one that you prefer.

How much does trekking cost?

The price is variable for each item and depends on what you prefer. A private group or shared with others is the option that makes a cost higher or lower.

They can also waive charges for children under 10. Or maybe they add a staff member to support the kids.

The price ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 THB/day/person. Daily departure with a minimum of 2 people.

  • Importantly included:
    • English-speaking guide
    • Porter or helper
    • Transportation
    • Meals, as mentioned
    • Drinking water
    • Accommodation [homestay or camping kits]

The set prices are already reasonable and comparable to those in the area. Please be respectful to the owners and don’t try to bargain. Local business owners are honest and hardworking, and the living costs are different. The standard of service and their experience are the subjects to be decided.

trek mhs bird
Bird Watching.

A bird watching activity that doesn’t seem difficult but is a very tiring task. We have a lot of things to do, and planners change all the time. Price upon request.

What tour programs do they have?

The trekking program is designed similarly and may have the same destination but you don’t have to worry because there are not many tourists and did not meet along the way because there are a variety of hiking trails.

trek mhs white flowers
Hiking trails at an average altitude of 1.000 m ASL.

1. Trekking by physical fitness.

Trekking trails are available in a variety of formats based on duration or distance, which may be difficult or easy depending on the nature of the terrain and weather conditions. Some routes, if it is during heavy rain, may become adventurous paths.

Consider choosing a path based on your abilities. I divided them according to the duration of the tour. To be able to manage your travel plans before and after.

As for distance, we can only estimate the hours of walking per day, usually 5-7 hours per day. The level of difficulty is not taken seriously. Because trekking in Mae Hong Son is mostly suitable for all levels.

For example, it is a program for beginners or family groups to moderate. It is already filtered by tag.

trek mhs huai po dowm hill
The path that goes up and downhill.

Advanced level: A trekking program from Mae Hong Son to Pai, as well as a program of walking loops to each village, can be customized to meet your needs. Suitable for those who have previously trekked.

2. Choose by the guide’s expertise.

You may not always get the same results when trekking the same path. Each tour guide will handle independently based on their experience, particularly in the areas of meal preparation, lodging, and safety.

As a result, you will perceive things differently and enjoy doing various activities.

If they do not directly deal with a foreign travel agency and trek according to their itinerary, you’ll find a distinction between low-cost trekking excursions and services provided by a local agency.

So you can pick to trek based on the guide’s expertise, which I have a short list of suggestions for:

If you plan to go on a trek with your children, please inform the travel agency or tour guide. It may be required to have an extra helper for every 2 kids to take care of them.

All of them can be arranged as trekking programs as preferred by physical fitness above. They also design a trekking trail for a day trip or multiple days and do follow the trekking loop below.

Mae Hong Son history

The majority of tourists plan to trek in Northern Thailand, and Mae Hong Son has become their preferred destination. This is a non-touristic area. It was only backpackers who came over here 30 years ago, and Mae Hong Son is a famous one in Thailand.

Mae Hong Son became well-known around the world in 1985, when many Kayan tribes fled to the Thai border area due to military conflict in Myanmar. Among the refugee camps set up, there was a Long Neck section, which became a tourist site, self-sufficient in tourist revenue and not needing financial assistance.

When the film “Good Morning Vietnam” was made in this location in 1987, the majority of films were made in Thailand (Starring: Robin Williams). That made Mae Hong Son start booming.

Why is Mae Hong Son the best to trek?

The slow life city surrounded by the mountains, forest, cultures, and hill tribes still looks the same because it the located far away from civilization, and one year a little bit change not much.

The foothills of the Great Himalayas Mountain cover the majority of Mae Hong Son’s mountainous terrain. They have a large number of birds, possibly over 300 species. The perfect mix of diversity forest here and living with local animals such as Barking Deer, Boar Pig, Black Bear, and others, as well as people living in the same day by conservative culture, even though technology has arrived.

Therefore, the idea was mentioned above. As a result, Mae Hong Son province, which is 95% mountainous, is the best and most ideal location for trekking due to its natural beauty, high mountainous terrain, foods, people, and cultures. You will enjoy trekking in each class or difficulty level.

trek mhs to pai
On a bright day.

By the way, Mae Hong Son has weather conditions that are suitable for trekking from June to February, and here is the trekking center of local travel agencies and guides who support all nationalities.


The Great Himalaya Mountain extends over the eastern foothills looking endways on to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son.

For the next goal

For tourists who are planning to trek and challenge the Great Himalayan Mountains, practicing in Mae Hong Son is a perfect place to learn about everything. The trekking trail has a variety of levels of alternative trips.

And then you have to get experience of walking up at least 5 mountains on top of the 20 highest mountains in Southeast Asia, such as MT Kinabalu Park or MT Inthanon Park, etc.


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