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Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Mae Hong Son team

Taking a van rental with a driver to Mae Hong Son is a good option. Going on a tour is popular and convenient. The driver is a native who has worked in tourism and has the necessary knowledge to take you wherever you want to go.

English speaking driver

They’ve also spent a lot of time working with travel agencies and overseas tourists. They can drive you as if you were on a regular trip. They may not be able to communicate in English as fluently as a guided tour.

A driver who spoke English was given by the Mae Hong Son team. Please inform us ahead of time if you have any specific requests.

van service mae hong son curve
Van Team

The van type and dimensions

Although the van appears to be too large for two people, I believe it is quite private and perfect for a small family. Currently, the majority of vans are TOYOTA D4D, a popular brand with excellent power output and all-terrain capability.

Foreigners will be comfortable in the seats. The majority of them have been renovated and tailored to accommodate 2 to 8 passengers.

It’s not like the other public minivans which has 14 seats. So that, our van service up to 6 foreigners per van, it will be a safety trip.

van passenger seat
Comfortable Seat

Van General Information

  • Capacity up to 8 passengers
  • 8 Hours / Day

Remarks : Other car rental services can also arrange upon your preferences.

van service mae hong son team
Clean and Safe

How much for a van rental?

Mae Hong Son is not a complicated destination. I can show you a sample regular rate based on popular destinations from last time.

A half-day trip is recommended, going in the morning because the weather is better. It is possible to drop you off in town and according to your wishes.

A day trip might consist of visiting 3 to 5 locations along the way, stopping for lunch, and then returning to your lodging.

The service fees start at 1,000 THB for a half-day and vary depending on your destination.

For example,

Half day

Longneck Village – City temples and local market

1,500 THB

Bamboo bridge – Fish Cave – Mud Spa

1,500 THB

Full day

Baan Rak Thai and Pang Oung Park

3,000 THB

Lod Cave and Black Lahu Village

3,000 THB

Bua Thong Festival

3,500 THB [ November only ]

Notes :

  • Petrol is included.
  • Entry fees and your expenses are not included.
  • Service hours:
    • 08.00 a.m.–12.00 a.m.
    • 13.00 p.m.–17.00 p.m.
  • Rates may change at any time without prior notice.
transfer service

Transfer service from Mae Hong Son to …

  • North of Mae Hong Son on route 1095

Pang Mapha District [ Soppong ]

3,000 THB

Pai District

3,800 THB

  • South of Mae Hong Son on route 108

Khun Yuam District

2,800 THB

Mae Lanoi District

3,500 THB

Mae Sariang District

3,800 THB

Sop Moei District

4,500 THB

Mae Sot

7,500 THB

  • To Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (via Pai)

5,500 THB

Chiang Mai (via Mae Sariang)

6,500 THB

Chiang Mai (via Mae Cheam)

7,000 THB

Please inform us of your hotel destination while filling out the email form in the message area. We will send you a confirmed quotation by email.

Other car models

In addition, my Mae Hong Son friends have presented us with sedans, pickup trucks, and 4WD vehicles. Car service covers a wide range of travel styles. To be more helpful and capable of earning money for their families through their own cars.

Please contact us to support the Mae Hong Son team service.

van service mae hong son ford

Start from Chaing Mai.

We also offer a transfer from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son one way or return with a varies vehicle types. Please kindly see website “Yes, Chiang Mai” for special offers you more.

van service mae hong son fortuner

Our van rental with driver rates are competitive and reasonable. The driver will drive at the specified speed and limit required. Because our aim is to keep you safe and comfortable.

van service mae hong son wish

Our team will transport you to your desired location in a safe and comfortable manner. Surely, the drivers are trained to drive in a safe manner, ensuring that your ride is pleasant and comfortable. It is possible to hire for the purpose of numerous days and for a long travel.

You’ll be able to see a lot of beautiful destinations while saving time and looking for new interests. Please contact us for further information and to make a reservation.

Above all, we also have types of car for suit your traveling style to provided that. Get a lower cost for long term rental. For more information of your particular tours and services will be issued and quoted case by case.

Because of your knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry, your vacation will be a breeze, and the trip to Mae Hong Son, which is far from civilization, will be well worth it.

Enjoy your day in a non-touristic area.


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