What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son

Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Get the right thing at the right time

Mae Hong Son has a wide range of trekking options. What to bring as we go on a general trip. Just give some important items a little more thought. Aside from that, it’s in good physical condition and ready for all kinds of adventures.

what to bring our porter carry

The path that goes through natural difficulties and mountainous areas with steep slopes, walking surfaces of soil, gravel, rocks, sand and streams that must be crossed or wading through the water.

The priority to consider down below to prepare before go on trek. And we will apply to all activities throughout the journey in Thailand.

trekking shoes decathlon
QUECHUA : Men’s Waterproof Mountain Hiking Shoes – MH100 – Decathlon

1. Trekking Shoes

It is the first priority. Just choose the shoes that allow you easy trails with good support and walking comfort. You can buy it on arrival in Chinag Mai, and you will have a few days of break-in before trekking. See the sample shoes here:

Features such as waterproof, breathable, lightweight, durable, and comfortable.

trekking along the creek

Sport sandals with proper toe protection or closed-toe flip flops are another choice. Many of the trekking trails in Mae Hong Son cross a creek, stream, or river. It is possible to take various walks on the water.

I found this sample shoe picture on the internet.

what to bring sport sandals
Northside Women’s Burke II Athletic Sport Sandals
what to bring sport sandals
Boy’s Girl’s Summer Outdoor Breathable Athletic Bump Toe Strap Sport Sandals

Because of the slope, we don’t even need to wear hiking boots like this. It can cause ankle sprains. Low-profile range shoes provide extra flexibility and mobility for more casual outings.

Reminder: bring two pairs of socks and more if necessary for spare. Some hikers prefer to hike with two pairs of socks as an extra layer of padding for their uncomfortable hiking shoes.

trekking trousers
QUECHUA : Men’s Modular Mountain Walking Trousers MH150 – Decathlon

2. Clothes

For occasional mountain walks, only wear a T-shirt and lightweight, breathable trousers during the trek. Two-in-one trekking trousers that convert to shorts are recommended. The freedom of movement will be appreciated.

If you request a trek that includes a waterfall, bring a swimsuit and a towel.

3. Daypack

A small backpack for day hikes or personal use, such as a water bottle, energy snack, insect repellent, and so on. With a fully charged smartphone or camera.

what to bring camera

4. Overnights

Kits include a towel, flip-flops, and a shower. The shared bathroom and toilet are outside the house. A flashlight or head torch is better. Consider wearing a polite long sleeper if staying overnight with a homestay. Also, bring comfortable clothing and useful items, as detailed in the program.

Optional during November – February

In addition a personal blanket or sleeping bag and warm jacket or jumper if you need to bring more. Learn more and get to know homestay and village when go on trek.

5. What’s else to bring

Medicine, hats, sunglasses, and sunblock lotion are examples of personal uses. The travel agency will advise you on what to bring for trekking in Mae Hong Son and will take care of your check list.

what to bring baggage

6. Food

The trekking excursions included all of the meals that were mentioned on a regular basis. If you choose the cheapest option, they will serve you a local lunch box and water.

Recommend booking with a reputable travel agent at a fair price. The tour guide will bring additional food for a picnic lunch, as well as seasonal fruit and jungle cooking, to the campsite. In the forest, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

That’s perfect for your next excursion. Hopefully, with each step trekking, you will be able to carry at least some essential items without fail.

If you have any questions about “What to bring trekking in Mae Hong Son“, please feel free to contact me anytime. I am happy to give advice to everyone.

Best of luck.


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