What to do and spent a week in Mae Hong Son

Last Updated on May 5, 2023

For the good time

Based on my personal experience and interactions with tourists, this is the most popular idea while traveling in Mae Hong Son. Even if you never return, you will want to come back. During your visit here, make sure you don’t miss out on any memorable moments.

Most visitors are satisfied with staying in Mae Hong Son for more than 3 nights. Everyone said “We should stay here one more night.” They stayed at Fern Resort where I’m very familiar.

If you didn’t plan ahead of time, you might be surprised to find yourself here. You may find it convenient to stay here and get more information from locals in order to make a rough plan for your time in Mae Hong Son when you arrive.

You should be able to find a place to stay in downtown for the first night at a reasonable price, such as Piya Guesthouse, Rom Tai House, and others, to look for things to do.

Home away home

Day 1

Arriving in Mae Hong Son in the afternoon is preferable. Check into your hotel and relax a bit. After that, walk around downtown and get yourself a welcome dinner.

You will hook up with this city, especially if you visit during the off-season. The chances of meeting someone you know are zero, and no one is keeping an eye on you.

But what if you don’t enjoy it? You have the option of going to Pai or down to Mae Sariang. I’ve listed 3 options for getting back to Chiang Mai below.

take a boat on pai river

Hang out around the town

Day 2 – 3

You’ll have no trouble finding things to do in Mae Hong Son. Depending on your personal tastes. The main activities in Mae Hong Son are outdoors, such as walking tours of the city.

  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Cycling
  • Longtail Boat
  • Ride Motobike
  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking

Perhaps you could book a tour or plan to visit and stay in places on the outskirts of the city first, then return to Mae Hong Son later.

about mae hong son 4u love sign

Make a special day

Day 4 – 5

The beauty of nature, the good weather, the way of life, and the people of Mae Hong Son will appeal to the majority of visitors. You might think it’s a good time to gather your family and spend time with your beloved here.

You might come across a romantic location. Activities that enhance good memories or a fantastic restaurant. Despite having less, I believe Mae Hong Son has it all.

ford touring

Prepare for takeoff

Day 6 – 7

It’s time to leave. You can now answer the question, “Will you be happy to stay here?” You could also return to Chiang Mai and look for interesting sights to see on your way to your next destination. Or plan a route that allows you to stay somewhere overnight on the way back.

trek with preecha

3 options the way back to Chiang Mai

A. North route via Pai

Visit a hill tribe village in Soppong, Lod Cave, and stay overnight nearby, or continue to Pai, a colorful city crowded with tourists, and plan a trip back to Chiang Mai in the days following.

B. Mid route via Mae Chaem

Take a mountain road trip to Mae Chaem, which we dubbed “mid-route.” The views are very beautiful along the way. On the way to Mae Chaem District, we pass through vegetable plantations on the mountain.

  • A small town on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, nestled in a vast valley with pleasant weather. The next day, you will most likely go to Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest point.
  • On the way down, stop by Karen village and the waterfall.

C. South route via Mae Sariang

The loop to Mae Sariang that is the longest. It could be a visit to a hill tribe village and a stay at a homestay in Mae Lanoi. Museam, Hot Spring, and Keaw Cave are the most common stops. Then in the afternoon, arrive in Mae Sariang District.

  • Mae Sariang has a more traditional feel to it, which I prefer. They still live a simple life in an old wooden house with few tourists.
  • Return to Chiang Mai the next day, where we can stop at a few more places en route before dropping you off at your hotel or airport.

Travel with us

All 3 routes mentioned above can be found with easy access by car service from Mae Hong Son. You can also extend your stay by confirming with the driver. It is possible to drop you off at Chiang Mai Airport at the conclusion of your journey.

We also offer a car service that begins in Chiang Mai and returns depending on your itinerary. Chiang Mai Driver Team is ready to assist and accompany you. “Slowly and Steady.”

Plan your trip wisely and you can get a great spot all to yourself.

Car service with driver

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