When is the best weather to trekking in Thailand

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Hot Wet Cool

Mostly, the best weather to trekking is November – February in northern Thailand. But it’s too cold and dry. Another priod is in June – Auguest with a green mountain. Depend on your planning to go and which is the season or what is the weather you perfer while along traveling.

Thailand has a varily tropical forest and climate are differnce in each zone. The distance from north to south points of the mainland is 1650 kilometers. Thailand divided into six geographical regions, based on natural features including landforms and as well as cultural patterns.

Please getting to know 3 seasons in Thailand before planning to trekking. The southern in Thailand has only 2 seasons that mostly they misunderstand. The distance from north to south points of the mainland is more 1650 kilometers. Therefore the climate are different in each zone.

misty at san fah

Northern area

June – October is green season

The beginners level is the starting from June. This durations is the good for adventure trekking with a green mountain and beautiful wildlife in the jungle. You will see a real life and beautiful landscape of plantation surrounding. The distance 2 – 3 days will be enjoy with your children.

September is too much rain but I loved it. The easy route turn into a hard trek that is wet and airless stuffy cuase a lot of rain. Its make the trail sliperary and hard walk if you never walk in the jungle before.

November – Febuary is cool and dry

The best trekking will be startt from middle of October and changing to cool and dry season in November – Febuary is the perfect time to travel. Absolutely, December and January look like is good but the weahter is very cold and dry 10-15 °C in the night time rise up to 25-30 °C in the afternoon.

March – April is too hot

Hot or summer is start from middle of Febuary til May and not recommend to trekking in March and April. (Heatstroke*)


For a hard trek tour, the clients should be fit and have good mobility plus some trekking experience. It is hot and wet then with especially heavy rain (August to September) may cause difficulties and cause the paths to become dangerous at some stages of the trek.

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Southern area

The best weather to trekking is a different in the north and it’s not a same time. Thai gulf coast start from Surat Thani ahead down to south border has a summer between May and October. Andaman coast start from Ranong to Satun has a summer in December til April.

The trekking area is not much and dot spread in the countryside such as Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat province. The most area is Marine Park and Islands.

The rainy season in southern has a strong windy and very heavy rian. The rainfall and long duration. It coming in one-time big storm events. Therefore the summer is a good option to trekking. And you will find a short trek tour only. Because the tourists will enjoy on the beach and a lot of activities on the seaside.

Hope you do a good season and make a good planner trip to enjoy the best trekking in Thailand with your family.


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