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Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Rent and ride keep left

There are just 3 rent a motorbike shops in Mae Hong Son. Let’s examine what types of motorcycles you like to ride and rent one. Mae Hong Son appeared to be unlike Pai, where backpackers abound and motorcycles are the primary method of transportation.

As a result, you have the option of hiring a motorcycle and spending a few days exploring the area. In this neighborhood, there are only 3 motorbike rental businesses. Let’s have a look at which types are best for you to be able to ride.

rent a motorbike at pr

1. PR Motorbike Car Rent

This shop has been in operation for almost 20 years and is the town’s largest. It has lately relocated to a new spacious structure near Chong Kham lake, where it was previously known as PA Car Rental and Tour. There are a variety of motorbike series available, ranging from older to more recent models. [Map]

jd motorbike for rent

2. JD Motorbike

It’s just a motorcycle rental place. It used to be on a main roadway. He relocated the shop to open in front of his home on the route to the airport. It’s easy to find this shop. It’s only a 10-minute walk from the airport and a 5-minute walk from the market.

Despite the fact that there aren’t many types and a small number of motorcycles to choose from, there is a small range of motorcycles that are enjoyable to ride. Contact him when you arrive in Mae Hong Son to schedule a meeting at your hotel. [084 037 26967]

ktp shop motorbike for rent
KTY Motorbike

3. KTY Shop

The last shop is the most recent, Mae Hong Son’s newest store. As a result, the motorbike for rent now has an entirely new look. Despite the fact that there aren’t many motorcycles.

The majority of the customers are Thais, but foreign tourists are also served. You can also contact him to arrange a meeting at your hotel, and he provides a knock-on-the-door service.

Visit on facebook and get the directions on a map here.

honda pcx

Which motorbike cc should you rent

If you are traveling alone, a scooter with a capacity of 110-125 cc will be enough. You are just looking for a new motorcycle with excellent check brakes. If you plan on riding pillion with a friend, a medium-sized 150-300 cc motorcycle is probably a better choice.

HONDAScoopy 110 cc.Forza 300 cc. / 350 cc.
Zoomer-X 110 cc.ADV 350 cc.
Click 125 cc. / 160 cc.
ADV 150 cc.
YAMAHAFino 125 cc.XMAX 300 cc.
Grand Filano 125 cc.
GT 125 cc.
NMAX 155 cc.
AEROX 155 cc.
Credit : How to get around Chiang Mai @ yeschingmai.com

What motorbike brand to rent?

Honda is a popular motorcycle manufacturer in Thailand, particularly in the north. You can also see all of Thai Honda’s models. However, I ride a Yamaha, so please accept my apologies.


The cost of a motorcycle will vary depending on the model, type, size, cubic capacity, and condition of use. The majority of them are in the 125-250 cc range and are powerful enough to ride around here. Prices range from 200 to 500 THB per day, not including petrol.


  • Please double-check the prices and terms before entering into a contract.
  • Please keep in mind that you are capable of driving on a slope or a steep incline.


The first thing to do before riding is put on a helmet. Helmets are provided free of charge by rental shops. If you want a high-quality one, you can rent one or bring your own.


When riding a motorcycle, you should wear a jacket. It is used to keep strong winds from affecting the neck and chest, whether it is hot or cold outside. Because it can cause serious damage to your lungs. It appears strange that Thai people are mostly seen doing that throughout the country, which makes sense.

Enjoy and safe riding

  • Always keep left
  • Do not be faster.
    • Do 3 D
      • Destination
      • Direction
      • Duration

Check the weather or season before riding here. Let’s see a short brief to know when is the best time travel to Mae Hong Son.

Reminder keep left


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