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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Lovely & Cozy

“Hern” means “house” or “home” with an accent in the Tai Yai language. It’s a nice place with a pleasant design overall. It is neither expensive nor cheap if you have not compared it with other options.

hern home sign

Originally, she had first renovated an old wooden house on the main road into a coffee shop style, and steaks of different kinds were the special dish.

Following that, when her lease expired, she moved to open her own home with a passion for and love for cooking.

The owner is a local girl who is really attractive. [So cute] She also uses her ideas to decorate the shop and garden. Her shop has become famous among both locals and visitors.

hern home menu

The highlight here is the steaks. Don’t miss the recommended dishes or menu that she will present whenever you go. Whether you are looking for other menus

Please visit her page to see more of her meals and shop.
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hernhome

hern home woody comfy table

There are fewer options for various foods and drinks in Mae Hong Son. Then again, this is not a foodie city with an eating option literally on every corner.

I like comfy leather chairs outdoors and drinking more than dining, even though it’s tasty food. This was my second visit in 6 months, the place looks a bit fine than most others places up the town. The price is the same and the quality very good. Let’s go to try and add 1 meal in your trip planner.


The location is quite a tricky place to find and reach. It’s quite the difficulty of searching on Google. But their local customers know that the way to get there is through between the new ring road to the airport and a minor road that runs down from the lake.


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