Kai Mook Restaurant

Last Updated on March 1, 2024

Amazing local food

Kai Mook Restaurant is a charming little place with good food, especially the fish from the Pai River. It helped you out a lot late in the evening with a wonderful dinner.

Positioned just a few steps away from the corner of Khunlumprapas Road and in a quiet. Nice big space to hang out and a convenient location. Parking can be on the roadside in the alley.

I love the atmosphere in the restaurant. Lovely, airy, and spacious restaurant. With two levels, it caters to tourist groups seeking quality food. While prices are not low, they are reasonable considering the tasty dishes on offer.

kai mooksecond floor

Where is Kai Mook Restaurant?

Located on Udom Chao Nithet Rd. in Mae Hong Son, Kai Mook Restaurant has been a popular dining spot for both locals and tourists for many years. It has become a top restaurant and has been well-known in the city for more than 30 years.

You need some transport to get to the restaurant if you’re staying outside the city. You can order and tell the driver to come pick you up again at an agreed-upon time.


Yes, it’s easily accessible if you’re staying around Nong Chong Kham, either at Piya Guesthouse or on the same road as Jong Kham View and The Like View Guesthouse.

What is Kai Mook Restaurant offer?

There is a good variety of dishes, i.e., a good northern curry dish, and the burnt eggplant salad was so good. The service and the owner were friendly.

Here is the one to keep thinking about for dinner. On the expensive side, but superb, clean, fresh food. This is a place for those who care about authentic Thai food, and this ain’t the place for low-quality food.

Add or note this place to your planner while traveling in Mae Hong Son.

Recommend Dishes

  • Spicy and sour soup with Pai River’s fish
  • Spicy herbal soup with local chicken
  • Deep-fried chicken with tamarind sauce

Open: 10:00 a.m.–09:00 p.m.
Cuisines: Thai, International, and vegetarian options
Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Features: reservations, serving alcohol, free Wi-Fi, and takeout.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaimook.mhs

kai mook inside

Useful reminder

If you come while there are many tourists or full parking nearby, the standard might be dropped. They might be focusing on larger groups of tourists than smaller ones.

The staff speak little English. But pictures of food along with prices or the English menu will help you communicate.

Communication could be a little difficult, or use the Google Translate app to assist and ensure no misunderstandings in your orders.

Smoking is not allowed in restaurants in Thailand. But they will have a smoking area away from the crowd.

By the way, please ask to smoke somewhere if no clients are around you. When several customers arrived, smoking was no longer possible.

kai mook wall


Good Thai food is served in a very casual family atmosphere. I’ve eaten here and taken my clients multiple times on each trip. Affordable, delicious, and reliable.

I enjoyed our lunch/dinner here every time during our trip. The quality food, good variety, and fair price made beer cheaper than most restaurants, so I also drank it here and will use it next time with my group tour.

Come out and enjoy your lunch/dinner at Kai Mook. Delicious food from a very creative menu.


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