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Last Updated on July 14, 2023

JOIN NOW > The next trip is coming up.

Come to join the trek. A small group of 4-6 people is the perfect number for the activity. In terms of various management, reasonable prices, and service. If you prefer not to trek with a private group, please come to join us in trekking.

This post is for pinning an announcement for Mae Hong Son trekking participants. To reduce expenses from the increased number of people, share and have fun with new friends.

So join trekking which means you get a lower price, and we share expenses. Let’s come and join us with a group on the following:

The next trip coming up

You’ll see this post that I’ve pinned on the homepage when tourists are requested to go trekking and let anyone join in a group if that is meet your plan.

Tour guide and travel agency while they have a group in advance. It can be posted to find other people to join.

ProgramTrekking duration
Depart/Start fromDate

Waiting List

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D

If you had a travel plan to Mae Hong Son during this period and are interested in joining our trekking program, please contact us immediately.

Also, if it doesn’t match your trip, you can advertise like this and refer to your trip date in advance. Just confirm the trek with us and allow others to join by submitting the form below.

Join Trekking

    Join trekking programs


    The tour guide will briefly summarize each trekking program. Please contact him to request a travel itinerary.



    For example, a route

    Day 1: From > To

    Day 2: Next > Finish

    Cost for joining

    It can show prices for quick decision-making and save time. We have to quote you anyway. And it has no effect as the rate is subject to change without notice as time goes by.

    NO. of groupTHB / Per People
    2 paxx,xxx
    3 paxx,xxx
    4 paxx,xxx
    Up 5x,xxx


    Our service has affiliated transportation.

    From Chiang Mai and reasonable price.


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